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    They were on the way to Europe I think, and were paid a ticket with a stopover in Japan to drop a package off

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    We yidden are so multitasked- we can hold the esrog, lulav, hoshanos and machzor and still be sending text message at the same time.

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    Thank you everybody.

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    Gitty dear, I dont know you and I have no idea what kind of lifestyle you chose, but I sure hope it is nothing against Ratzon Hashem. I pray for you that Hashem gives the strength to do what’s right because THAT is the only true happiness there is. You may not realize that now, because you do feel really happy. But a happiness that comes from doing wrong is false. I’m not accusing you of something wrong Chas Vsholom, I’m just stating a fact in general.

    May Hashem grant us all the sense to what only what is correct.

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    Mariner, sorry if you feel offended, but my comment was not stupid at all, maybe just a bit vague. You’re right, let me clarify- if the happiness comes from doing wrong, it is false although she doesnt realize that, but if she’s not doing anything wrong, and she just changed her lifestyle a bit different than her parents’, then I hope she really is happy. I didn’t mean to judge, it just seemed to me from the way this entry is titled-“Kid off the Derech”.

    May Hashem grant her only happiness as long as she’s doing the right thing.

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    Baruch Hashem!!!! I wish all stories have a happy ending!

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    Gitty- when that false happiness dies, and it will one day, please go back home and look for the real happiness. It’s the only thing that works. I really feel for you.

    May Hashem guide you through a REAL happy life all the time. Good luck.

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    Shame on boys(or their parents) who put looks from the first 5 requirements on their list. (And I dont mean that you should take interesting looking girls- just the average size and look). LOOKS ARE NOTHING! It doesn’t make a marriage or break it. Doesnt make you happier at all.

    There was a girl in my school that we all KNEW was the prettiest girl in the whole school- not just in the class- a real raving beauty. Everyone always spoke about her. She got married- what a lucky boy. Guess what? HE GOT BORED OF HER! Can you believe it? The prettiest girl around! Yes, he cheated on her! Nebach.

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    GIVE ME A BREAK- as i said before- depends how you state it. If it’s full of hatred and ridicule, pple get angry at first glance. If it’s put down in a nice way- pple listen.

    The problem is that u ruined your reputation. Why dont you change your user name and start new threads on calm and kind notes. Stop bashing everyone. You will see pple will acknowledge you.

    Good luck!

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    Same here. My things look brand new and I dont have the heart to throw them out if I know someone out there can benefit from it. Please, anyone, if you know someone who can benefit from them(gmach or whatever)please post it here. Thank you.

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    Thanks everbody. I did exactly that. I froze it and hopefully we’ll get some decent slices out of it!! Main thing’s that it tastes great!!

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    SHINDY- I did this pie yesterday- taste is delicious. Just one concern- when I tried to slice it- was pretty soft and didnt slice nicely- they fell apart. Any suggestions?

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    Gimme a break- It’s not that pple disagree with your points. Some of them are very valid. It just depends how you state things….

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    JENT, CANTOR: You two are missing the whole point. It absolutely does not matter if you believe a story or not, but the lesson is definitely there and you dont need a story to prove that.

    Whether someone believes a story or not, what is of utmost importance is that they should learn from it.This story has a few lessons and while I too may have doubts about the authentity of the story, (some pple just dont believe everything they hear), I learned that Hashem is in control and there’s a Olem Haemes out there. We know this stuff and dont need stories to prove it. Hearing these stories, true or false, should only implement it.

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    I agree. The Kaparah centers are missing SUPERVISION! I passed a Kaparah site and they were crates lined up and little boys were poking the Kaparahs with big wooden sticks.

    I gave them such a look and they ran off. But who knows if they came right back as I left?

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    Bentzy18- crosing street is another whole big issue. I wanted to sumbit letter to yw about it for a while, but never got around to it. Crazy situation!!!

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    Well, we started at 8 and finished at four!!! That makes it 8 hours(with a 45 min break)!!!!!!There’s just so much to Daven for!

    If the Davening takes too long for some and you therefore cannot concentrate fully, you should really go Daven in a Shul where they Daven at a quicker pace.

    It was just so beautiful, we didnt rush, but we didnt take our time majorly either. We just said every Tefilla at a nice pace, sang a nice Niggun here and there, and hopefully our Tefillos reached Shomayim!

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    ANON FOR THIS: u are absolutely right!

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    I just finished saying a few Kapitlach. May he have a Refuah Shelaime soon.

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    Shindy, i witnessed that incident myself too(the baby that disappeared into another store.)I work in an office on top of that store and saw it all from the window.

    It was so frightening to say the least. My workmates were all standing there and shivering.

    The mother was very lucky that she fled the scene after finding her baby, just a few minutes before the police arrived. I’m glad she didnt get into trouble but I hope this was a lesson for her and all.

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    BTW Shindy- I did forward this letter to the Yated editor after you suggested it. Thank you.

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    Shindy- A parent that leaves a child alone on the street would not only be fined, but I heard that they can be arrested on the spot. When a child abuse case is opened, it’s no fun at all. They take away the other siblings from the parents until the matter is resolved. (I heard about a few Heimishe cases already)

    BTW- I just remembered another such an incident in front of a Boro Park toy store. Just as I was passing, I noticed, also a double carriage which had a two yr old girl in there and a very tiny newborn boy. The mother was inside, shopping toys for her “PRECIOUS KINDERLACH”(she buys them toys but leaves them unattended).

    Worse, as I was looking on I noticed the girl fidgeting in her seat impatiently and as a result the carriage tumbled side down! Yes, The newborn fell out! Onto the cement sidewalk. Luckily this was in the winter and the child was well bundled sparing himself I dont even want to think what.

    As I picked up the baby, my husband ran into the store to bring the mother to her senses!

    This is no joke! Very sad story. I’m so happy the end wasn’t sad! B”H everyone is well. But are we waiting for something to happen Chas vsholom?

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    Intellegent: Dont talk like that to a fellow jew. Imagine the damage you could have done to him now. If you dont like his posts, dont read them. Im not on his side,and I migth be agreeing with you, but I wouldnt publicize it like that. It’s Erev Rosh Hashana. If he’s Jewish, he’s important enough to be on this site. We dotn have to read his posts- that’s up to readers themselves.

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    BTW- part of asking for Mechila, is taking upon yourself to improve in the future. It’s part of the steps of doing teshuva. Without that, your Teshuva isn’t really valid. This is not a game. You cannot go shooting nasty comments at people and then ask for Mechila.

    Please everyone, we hope to have some peace and kind words only on YW in the future!!!

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    Thanks all of you for our delicious sounding ideas! Will sure try out some of them!

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    This is not to say that physical punishment is wrong. Chosech Shivto Sonei Benoi- someone who holds back the stick form a child, hates his child. Where it’s necessary and appropriate, and of course not out of anger, it’s permissible for a parent to hit a child.

    But as for a teacher, rebbe, I definitely wouldnt want a stranger hitting my child and I believe it’s very wrong. (especially in public).

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    Everything is possible. But why did he miss that red light then? A bit suspicious sounding, but ok, we’ll give him that benefit of doubt.

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    this recipe is absolutely yum!

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    Dont know about texting cons, but one thing’s certain: NEVER TEXT WHILE DRIVING!!! Im sure many of you heard about this crazy train crash in California where the conductor was busy texting on his cell, missed a red light and collided with another train. The tragedy was heartrending- many dead and many injured.

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    is this true?

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    Yes Charlie Brown- the conversations are so much more Geshmak this way! Thank you YW!

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    SJS- Good for you! Really! But you cant deny that this can only work with strict supervision like you had from your mom. Teenager(the writer) seems to have it a bit wrong, and that’s what I’m trying to prove to her. True love and affection does not come from a boyfriend, even if it seems so at first. It should come from an older, trusted parent or other adult. And if someone’s lacking that, then a boyfriend isn’t such a great idea after all. They dont have real love that way and they dont have the supervision that they need that way. Without supervision, I don’t want to think what this relation can bring to. Kids today arent so strong to do what’s right.

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    SJSinNYC- you’re very lucky and your parents are even luckier! You sound like you grew up hundreds of years ago if your relationships continued kosher! Today we’re not so fortunate, if you dont keep fully away, it’s no good. Kids arent so honest/scared today. There are too many relations that end up in trouble. I wouldnt risk it with my kids.

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    teenager: just a btw- you’re writing that your boyfriends are more caring and trustworthy than girl friends.Of course- bec. they’re boys and you’re a girl! Thats the way pple act when it comes to opposite gender! Many times it’s a beautiful cover up. They dont act so nice to the boys they know, only to the girls.

    I work with insurance companies, and who do you think are the nicest phone reps of course? THE MEN! because I’m a female. And it’s only natural for men to act super nice to a girl!

    And what you’re writing about me not understanding you as a teenager, BTW- I just came out of teenage land myself! I’m very young and I remember my teenage years all too well. I had the same difficulties to deal with like any other teenager. But I was brought up knowing that boys dont belong to our group of friends. Of course we’re friendly them, but we dont run looking for warmth and love to boys.

    This is a big mistake of today’s youth. We think we’ll find love in boys. There are countless stories of girls who didnt find love and warmth until they met that boyfriend. Until they were married a while later and were only abused and ridiculed by their “once upon a time boyfriend”.

    You need to find someone to talk to, and I mean a professional. You need to find your affection and attention elsewhere.

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    OK everyone, calm down! Of course I understand that pple are attracted to their opposite sex. I’m a human being too.

    What I meant is that if you know something is wrong, why dont you keep away? Of course we’re attracted to various things that dont belong to us. But I meant to ask, why, if it’s wrong?

    What if I’m attracted to the taste of pork, do I use that as an excuse to eat it? What if I have a crazy pull to watch porn, will I do it?

    Of course not, cuz if you’re doing what’s right, you stay away.

    This is not to say that making conversation with a girl is like eating pork, but you get my point. When something is not right, no matter how we yearn for it, we stay away!

    Too bad!(or too good!) You’re Jewish, you gotta stick to your own gender friends. Whether you are attracted to others or not.

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    fashion? no! but definitely neat, clean, and collected.

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    teenager- let me ask you a question:

    why do you feel a need to befriend boys rather than girls? Why cant you just stick to girlfriends- there are thousands of nice girls out there. Why do you have to stick around with boys?

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    One thing you should know, if they’re out of town- they dont have adequate supervision, no matter how strict the Yeshiva is. Thats why, you have to know your son, does he need that extra supervision?

    That’s not to say that you shouldnt send him.

    Personally, for the right boys, it’s very healthy to be out of town. It teaches them social and organizational skills, independence, and more. My husband and all my brothers, and in laws learned in Eretz Yisroel, and they couldnt have had a better experience Baruch Hashem. But again, for others- it just gives them too much independence and it does not bring them too much good.

    It’s a big decision, and whatever you do- Hatzlacha Rabbah!

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    lesschumras: And if he ran off then, but feels remorseful now and wants to repent, whats wrong with that? That’s exactly what you and I are going to do for the next month.

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    If you know your priorties, you’ll have no prob getting up! Still not easy, but possible.

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    Just enjoy every sec- gorgeous. Breathe in the holy air . I would love to be there.

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    SJsinNYC- my point is not that we should not be in the same town as boys, of course we can smile to neighbors, speak to relatives, but spending time together- as a FRIEND- that does not bring any good in most situations. Note that Im not saying it’s wrong- because everyone has to know what is right/wrong for them.

    Besides, I dont know how many years ago you got married, but in today’s world- it’s pretty bad out there between girls and boys. Many of them are just there to flirt, and flirt they do…It’s just not right to spend time with a boy that’s just a friend- boys are not supposed to see or talk with girls for no reason other than for shidduch purposes(or any other time it’s necessary.)

    BTW- we also have many divorces- c’mon- for a bunch of reasons other than not knowing each others before. Thats not the reason pple are divorced.

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    Rabbi Yisroel- how can you encourage men and women meeting? Most of us have siblings to learn from them about the other gender’s personalities and ways of acting. Other than that, it’s a lot safer to stick to the ones you belong to. Same way they can learn what the other is like as teenagers, they can learn it after marriage too. So, the adjustment will be bigger. That’s what marriage is all about- adjustment, adjustment, adjustment.

    Thousands of couples are perfectly happy without spending time with each others before marriage. Our world is so sadly all confused.

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    Nameless- I wish it’s so easy to get them released. I read numerous articles about pple who are working on this case, they’re not even trying to get them released bec its so unlikely, they’re at least trying to get them lighter sentences.

    But of course we can never know and we’re waiting for a big ness every day.

    I cant stop thinking about them.

    May they get their Yeshoua very soon. Amen.

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    joseph- do u work for b&h by chance. my brother joseph does! is that you by chance?

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    mi keamcha yisroel

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    Im sorry if you felt offended by my asking you not to ignore me. I understand youo have other important things to do like the rest of us. I was just too curious as to why you made your comment and was awaiting a response.

    I just wanted to say that I agree 100% with what you said about pple sending letters just to stir the pot. I think that half these letters are made up too. But I wouldnt voice my opinion. I wouldnt attack someone like that. I dont believe everything I hear, but I wouldnt say it just in case it is important/true. How can you be so sure that it sounds made up.

    I didnt submit this letter at all to get responses from pple. I wawsnt expecting comments at all.I just wanted pple to be aware.

    Please read comment above for continuation.

    in reply to: PHONY CALLS #623164

    JPHONE: whoops, I submitted the reply my mistake.

    continuation: I just wanted pple to be aware.

    If your still doubting it, there’s really nothing I can do, but I do know 4 other pple who told me as a btw about a phony call they received from someone posing as a kallah, looking for a kallah teacher.

    Feel free to believe it or not, but please, next time you read a letter, dont advertise that it sounds phony if you DONT KNOW!

    Thank you!

    ( not waiting for a response this time!)

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