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    akuperma is right the pusuk says “one should not go in the ways of the goyim”

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    if i and many other people on this thread are yekkes why would we be degrading ourselves and our minhagim(i personally think you shouldn’t be offended but if you are please write RANT OVER on your next we know your back to normal again)

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    there is a oberlander kehilla in Australia and i may be wrong but a think oberlanders are talmidim/descendants of the chasam sofer so that makes them basically yekke

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    gg yekke,the Switzerland kehilla is on its last breath,kaj is on its second breath,and according to you munks is on its third.

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    rabbi frankfurter is a very controversial person, im sure anyone who reads his articles carefully will realize that he is trying to “stuch” someone out so here mishpacha wrote a article against lev tahor , so he wrote a article pro lev tahor.

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    @gg yekke, honestly i dont know why .i just felt like asking.maybe it is because its interesting to find out that yekkeS’ still exists(not the 60,70,80,90 year olds in KAJ)yes i know MUNKS in england exists

    but most of thier congergents arent yekkes

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    im a yekke and my seder went til 3:30!!

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    someone once came to HARAV HAGON Avigdor Miller zt’l and asked for a bracha because he had cancer, rav miller asked him :do people talk in your shul? he said yes, rav avigdor miller sais strongly YOU MUST GET OUT OF THAT SHUL YOUR TEFILOS ARE GETTING BLOCKED!the man switched to a small stieble were they didnt talk and 2 weeks later he came to the doctor and the doctor said: its amazing the cancer left your body completely its like you never had it! so do we need more proof the gedoli hatorah are telling us this over and over again! the noda be yehuda said if you talk in shul its like planting a cross in the hechal!

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    I concur with DK ,good chulent insures that the chance of an argument between you and your spouse will drastically reduce. why, because you will spend 24/2 in the bathroom and the rest of the week you are working so the only time to get into a long lomdishe argument is shabbos day and sunday! NOTE THIS A JOKE PLEASE DONT GET OFFENDED IF IT WAS A BAD JOKE OR FOR ANY OTHER REASON! one should never get into an argument with their spouse i am NOT supporting arguing with your wife!

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    3:00 and 3:30

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    gefen definitely

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    i agree, yom tov is coming up lets put aside our qaruling and enjoy yom tov

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    I TOTALLY agree with the yeshiva guy there is a posuk that says:”do not walk in the way of the goyim”(parashas kedoshim perek 20, posuk 23.

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