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    to the posters that told me to look at the sticky thread I tried that. All i get is the web page for google. As I mentioned I do not want google and 2 million web pages on a subject. All I want to do is look up previous postings

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    What everyone seems to be missing in my post is the fact that ALL of our leaders went to war to defend Hashem and hte Jewish people. That includes Moshe who gave us the torah and Dovid that wrote the tehillliam. Yet both of these torah leaders were libeled or had loshen horah spoken about them to such an extent that they had to flee for their lives. In other words tzahal is just as important if not more important than lighting candles. And that was what I was getting at. And anyone that wants to state Rav Ploni says torah overrides the mitzvah of tzahal I refer sucha person to the mishneh in pirkei avot 3:15 that was written by a modiinite

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    All I now is that I worked for former New York Governor Pataki. During the election to become governor he swore that he would reinstate the death penalty. After the victory however when it was time to get my payoff job and I requested the position of State Executioneer they said that I was crazy and that I should turn in my clearnece card to teh executive chambers. I still 17 years later fail to understand what I did so bad. I am still for the death penalty but not for legal murder. And unfortuantely that is what the death penalty means to me

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    My take what scares me is not so much tsaddeekim as the reshoim. Hitler on his last day refused to accept ANY responsibiolty even stating how he worked tiressly for the German people. And if he can be so distorted in his thinking what about me? They say taryag mitzvot. But I can cheerfully state that in my opinion I have performed taryag avairot

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    google will give me a billion hits on a subject. All I want to find is a thread in ywn cofee room

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    Answer to my riddle of what proof from the torah that Eichman was a tzaddik is the shema. He managed to find a parnassa here which according to the second paragraph of the torah means that he was righteous. The only problem is I also know people personnaly that woke up one morning with no intention to leave and before sundown were on the way out of the beloved garden of G-d

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    BSD: What can we do about this? We can start by reading the biographies of our leaders from 2 or 3 generations ago and how they were willing to live without virtually anything just to be given the chance to rehabilitate the beloved garden of G-d. Stories like Moshe Dayan that when he would need a new pair of trousers would take hsi fathers old pants and cut them down to size and when buying new furniture meant taking a shipping container and renailing the wood so it would make a table or chair. People like Dovid BenGurion who when he moved to the beloved garden was told that he should leave before he would die of malaria and while he still had money only to write in his diary why are these people speaking to me in yiddisih. He also broke up with his girlfriend Rachel because she was not working hard enough. People like Golda Meir that left a comfortable teaching job in america to be a communist in a kibbutz draining swamps and working for Solol without knowing if her checks would bounce. That is the way to succeed. Lower ones standards in the exile so that one can have a share of the Beloved garden of G0d

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    Let me add to my previous post. What is “publicly breaking shabbot”? For example even though the halacha is very clear that we go ON SHABBOT to war to defend grass in a border town so that the goyim do not get a chance to enter, I see plenty of allegedly shomer shabbot jews that would never serve in tzahal. Am I allowed to eat by them? These Jews however are dressed as if they were religious and who know that a jew without a head covering was not raised in an envirenment where shabbot was not stressed as much as it should. As a matter of fact the Ari Hakadosh who lived several hundred years ago stated no jew is a bimazid sinner.

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    This question is ONLY for those in the exile since we have been saying since the 7th of heshvan tan tul umater

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