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    Vochindik: Techeiles is not a Chumro.

    Tcheiles is what the Ribono Shel Olam specifically asks us to wear. You even say so twice a day.

    Reb Chaim Kanievsky – who knows very well what Rav Elyashiv said – told a big Askan from Monsey last Pesach that if someone looks into the matter thoroughly and is convinced that this is really Techeiles then it is not a question of whether or not he should wear it, but he MUST wear Techeiles.

    “Ehr Muz Dos Onton”

    Reb Chaim himself never studied this topic in depth so he doesn’t wear it.

    This conversation with RTeb Chaim is recorded on video and I, myself, saw the video last week Sunday morning at the shul of TriStar in Woodbourne.

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    “Rabbi Akiva Eiger surely did not wear the same type of head covering as the Rambam or Rif and quite frankly it did not concern him.”

    Again you can’t compare a meaningless unintentional change in style to an ideological break from the past.

    I also agree with Curiosity that judging others by the color or material of the cloth on their head is wrong. But that doesn’t mean Mizrachi’s intentional break with the religious dress mode of their time is not indicative of a deeper break with Mesorah in a way which is wrong.

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    “they held that the black-clad Hungarians and others were wrong in their approach…. “

    Mind you it wasn’t only the Hungariams who were black clad and Hungarians or their predecessors didn’t as far as we know intentionally change forsake the appearance of the Tanaim. Mizrachi intentionally changed the appearance of their kipot.

    I’m not trying to argue who’s right or wrong… I just think some people were missing the point of the post: “Would Rabbi Akiva Eiger z”l wear a “kippa sruga”?so why do you?? don’t try to be a diffrent type of jew but rather a smaller version of the better jews thats “masai yagiu maasai lemase avosai abraham….”

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    Symbolism isn’t superficial. The fact Mizrahi changed the color of their yarmukahs mean something, that was yidyuids pointr

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    Curiosity, I think you missed YidYid’s point.

    If Avraham Avinu was alive today he’d have no reason to wear a turban, whereas it’s doubtful Rabbi Akiva Eiger would be a srugi. (To be sure, I think there are many srugis no less frum than most us heimeshe).

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    frumnotyeshivish said “Heart disease, the majority of deaths resulting therefrom having nothing to do with smoking, is still characterized as a smoking-related disease.”

    Most deaths are not because of jumps from off from the roofs. So if you (ChV”Sh) jump, it should not be characterized as a fall related kind of death. Meaning it’s safe to jump off buildings, or at least not so dangerous like everybody makes it, according to what frumnotyeshivish is saying.

    I hope he meant to say another thing.

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