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    Had she been taught that you can go to college, become Modern Orthodox (or some other group of frum Judaism) and still be considered a good, frum Jew, that might have happened. However, in Satmar areas, that is not the case. They are not taught that other ways of Judaism are just as correct as theirs.

    Feif, ????and NOW she still doesnt know???? there are many levels of Orthodoxy and thats why she presently encourages others to become members of this anti-religious observance organization that feeds their members treif and takes them on trips on Shabbat?

    Can I sell you Times Square?

    With all her reading, she doesnt know about Orthodox people who are both educated and religious? Maybe someone ought to tell her. One thing would redeem her in my mind- her becoming a spokesperson with the idea that you can be both educated and religious. She says she feels more Jewish recently and eats treif. Not quite.

    Soliek: Im glad we agree on that despicable immoral organization, whose goal is to erase any good feelings about Orthodox observance. I was thinking you might feel otherwise. Their goal is to make Deborah Feldmans out of every individual who comes their way for help with an education. Halevei there would be an organization that would offer the help they seek without destroying morality.

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    Soliek and others who are positively as opposed to negatively impressed with DF:

    Had she been looking for knowledge, academic achievement and worldliness, she could have very well become a Sterns or Touro student, or a student of any college, worldwide, for that matter, such as Sarah Lawrence, and still stayed Orthodox, to a lesser or greater degree.

    Thats the way it worked for the likes of Jack Lew and Senator Lieberman, two very well known political figures who remained Orthodox, to name two of hundreds of thousands worldwide.

    That was too restrictive, obviously.

    She speaks fondly of the organization which offers an even exchange- they help get you an education and at the same time help rid you of any religious feelings you might have, and help remove the guilt as well, with therapists and camaraderie there for that purpose. They organize road trips on Shabbat and take members to non-Kosher establishments.

    Im sure you’re familiar with the organization she speaks highly of and supports.

    What do you think of it?

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    Any experiences with this Mekubal specifically?

    Do full page ads mean anything at all as far as a following?

    I would think there are some people who went and want to go back to the Rav, if they gained. Or is the object to attract new people?

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    For all those who dont realize the far reaching negative effect of her book, I located an Anti-Semitic blog who uses her book as proof that the Zionists control the media!

    He says how else would the world constantly be bashing the inferior treatment of women in the Arab world, if women in the Jewish world are treated no differently, and it rarely reaches the media? He gives examples of this inferior treatment taken from her book.

    She doesnt realize how she has blood on her hands for the way she publicly bashes her former life. Does she care? The fact remains- when Anti-Semites come to power, she and her innocent son will be among those considered Jewish, whether she likes it or not, and will suffer equally. Her disgusting book wont save them or help her and her son. She and her son have Jewish blood and thats enough to make her despised.

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    There are great older girls who are seriously considering going OTD bec of the Shidduch crisis and difficulty getting dates, with very small prospect of ever marrying in the frum community. Hopefully they wont act on their thoughts.

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