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    Richmond Braun

    Well I’d like to share some terrific real warm, Jewish “Radio” telephone numbers; they outdo traditional radio by far…
    Kol Dodi: 718-989-6844 x 17
    Talkline: 712-432-3483
    Sklen songs: 718-751-9744
    Shendishov songs: 718-838-1599 x7
    Jroot: 712-432-2846
    Kol Chasidus: 7187357333 and follow the prompts
    Bobov songs (must try em) 718 305 6300 x7
    vaarious: 641-715-3800;
    access code:
    for kol yoetz: 54345 then 5511 and on
    for kol yisrael chaverim: 836899 then 1001 and on
    for important safety info for parents: 811504
    Torah anytime: 7182982077
    kol halashon7189066400

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    Richmond Braun

    “There are perhaps a billion parents in the world with the same question.”
    And there are thousands of parents who happily do not have it as they never let these devices into their home. Practically, however, not everyone is on that level but one can affix a certain two hours to use it and the rest of the time it must be shut off. You might implement sort of a reward system for her cooperation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)