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    “Assuming at least 550 of them actually had Coronavirus, there normally should have been at least 50 hospitalizations”

    Thisis incorrect.

    If you take a RANDOM SAMPLE you’d expect x number of hospitalizations. but if I select 550 patients with mild (or no) symptoms I wouldnt expect many (or even any) hospitlizations

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    “The arguments that are being made is like trying to stop drunk drivers from killing sober drivers?”

    Nope its like minnimizing drunk drivers by not allowing even an open drink in a car.

    ” Ban all sober drivers from driving.”
    Thats going to far, but ok lets follow YOUR lead …

    If we treated guns like cars that would be great:
    – mandatory safety features
    – they have to be registered
    – need to buy insurance
    – need to pass test to know how to safely use it
    – need to pass a test to make sure you can see
    – need to get a license, and reaaply every decade
    – above license can be revoked for certain infarctions

    I knew you would come around you are more pro-life than I am

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    Thank you that would be so helpful

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    I didnt bother reading all the posts (I have more important things to do). If you would just stop and think about it it is absolutly amazing that a bunch of high school kids give up their purim time to collect for tzedakah. Of course it is the absolute furthest thing from lishmah but these are kids we are dealing with! When I was in highschool my group collected over 3000 dollars each year (after the limo) that frankly we otherwise would not have. Hope that explains it to all of you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)