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    bein_hasdorim- thank you for what you said BUT as I said for the MILLIONTH TIME I am MATTIED and have been for well over 2 years now. I married a nice FFB guy whose father did keruv his whole life so he was open to the idea of a BT/georus.

    This post never really addressed the topic I was talking about of an OLDER person and a convert of 10/15 years. I did not understand why the same person would date a BT of 5 years but not a convert of 10.

    Thats all my point was.

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    lammed hey – there is a HUGE difference between spehardi familys and Jews for J and arabs!!!!!!!

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    I 100% agree

    I am sephardi and don’t wear s sheital at all… I have come home crying many times from the taunts I get from other ladies. I even had to quit a job over it! (at a bais yaakov school when the woman constantly told me I would be pretty “if only would wear a sheital”)

    I think its sickening but it happens a lot. ladies are obsessed with looks more than tznius now days.

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    smartgal don’t joke…I actually had a date take me out and say “separate checks please”. I had to tell him I had no money (which i didn’t ) he then told me 9ok I will spot you now and you can pay me back when i drop you off…..

    I guess I broke a rule here myself when i said ‘why don’t you just drop me off now.”

    from then on I ALWAYS learned to have money, a credit card and a cell phone on me.

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    that brings up another topic… i don’t understand why cleaning help seems like a mandatory necessity for some? My MIL worked full time with a family of 7 and her house was STILL clean and she STILL had time for her kids.

    I get upset when I see people with full time live in help… a gardener… and a few other people “helping” on the lists at schools for tuition assistance!

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    A Ger breaks off his previous relationship with his old family. He is no longer related to them. His ex-parents are no longer his parents. There can be no socializing with them. This is halacha.

    this is not the ruling I got from my rav or the many rabummim that were at my wedding (attended by my parents and 1 sibling)

    I still call my parents daily… my mom just bought my husband a shas… we have our own set of post and pans at her house and kashur her kitchen we we go down to visit. My parents supported us for the first 6 months of marriage just like you would expect from a frum family…

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    Control the Gedolim? FYI am female

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    Bowzer: just so you know I have been happily married for over 2 years now. I did not even SEE this as a issue until I started working setting up shudduch’s

    If you will look I was mainly talking about OLDER people… (ie divorced, widowed, bt) in their 40-50’s. I don’t see why a 50-year old man would not even consider a 45 year-old woman who has been converted for the past 20 years! yet he would date a bt..

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    than again instead of saying “this is better than is was deal with it” maybe you shouls acknowledge that there is always room to grow?

    People tend to think because you are saying something online and no one knows who you are you can say whatever you feel.. Its not true… people are still hurt and feelings do matter… are we dumb enough to believe that ONLY frum jews are reading these forums? what a Chillul Hashem some of these postings have been.

    So yes It have been worse… but YES it can get better

    in reply to: Out Of The Mailbag: (Taking Issue With School Administration) #627619

    I Agree… I have worked at 3 different schools and I shiver to think my kids will have to attend one of these schools.

    This past year I worked at a school I had a medical condition that had me bedbound for a few weeks. When I was ready to return to work I was told I could not return until 3 weeks later (after pesach vacation) They told another employee that they did not want me coming back before pesach because they did not want to have to pay me for pesach vacation (this was a salaried position and I was taking off without pay.

    This job also paid off the books ( fact I did not know until after I took it) so I was unable to receive any disability pay for my time bed bound.

    I called a Din Torah and was told I was in the right but it was not worth taking to court for such a “small” sum.

    I did not come back after pesach.

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