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    machon raaya is an amazing seminary , its not for a very yeshivish girl but it is for a Bais Yakov girl. The Principal is one of the best there can be, Nachlas also used to have an amazing Principal but she is not there anymore, i dont really know the new one.

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    a tale of two sisters is not bad, but best book lately is chasing illusions , but its not for everyone.

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    Today everybody wants to fit in and be part of the IN society , nobody wants to be nebby or to look different then the with it cool people , thats why even frum women ladys wear skirts that dont always cover the kness and tights shells . because no one wants to be called old fashoined or not with it. There are many boys who either have low self esteem problems or they dont have enough satisfaction just being a good yeshiva boucher , so they choose to be important a different way by being in style and wearing all kinds of “interesting clothing”. many boys grow out if it some dont.

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    Buster , i feel so sorry for you, most of the advice i can give you cannot be posted here, i have known many good people some of them in even in full time learning that fell to schmutz , its something that women cannot understand that once a man falls deep into it , its so hard to get out of it. Your Rav has a good point if you approach him directly he may get too embarresed and run away from marriage, but if you dont “force him out of it” you wont succeed in stoping him and you will get too angry at him to also continue your marriage. Its a sickness and it doesnt mean he doesnt like you by the fact he watches this. first stage is you have to somehow get the computer out of the house(blame the kids blame yourself ) it will be very hard because if he thinks you dont know what is going on he wont want to get rid of it or stop what he is doing -its an addiction, you have to keep him busy that he wont have extra time on computer. you have to mention it to him that you heard there is a problem with men even good frum ones that “fall” into looking at bad things on net(you can mention articles bina and mishpacha etc) but nothing directly like you are suspecting him. show him how upset you would be if he would do this(but say im sure you dont) it may shake him up a drop and with you trying to cut him down on compuiter it may make a change, and once again there are other things to do also but not for a public fourm . good luck.

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