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    oomis- it’s refreshing to hear. I think my generation’s need to reestablish themselves juggling both( and equating) career, wife and motherhood is a stress. A mother can’t be replaced, no one will love your child as much as a mother ever will.

    But just like firemen turned in firefighters and all jobs are now gender neutral.

    BYM would like motherhood gender neutral.

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    “Furthermore, you do not know what every rav would say about people’s personal situations. “

    You answered your own question. ASK your Rav.

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    BYM, I agree to disagree, that being said you are right each women will find different shiurim more stimulating than others (it’s a matter of personal preference and interest in the subject matter) I believe if you look you will find one that will suit you.

    I completely disagree with you that you equate career and family, but that’s your personal choice I respect that, I do think it’s rare to successfully balance both and usually one overtakes the other at different points of your family’s life experiences. I follow the Torah’s stance that my husband and children are B”H the focal point of my life.

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    We have opportunities to learn all the time every hour of the day there are shiurim, learning groups, every shul has a ladies Shabbos shiur. So no one can say we can’t learn or we should turn our brains off.

    What was conflicting in the other thread was simple priorities were distorted (a women’s priority is her home) and that’s problematic and no Rav would endorse it.

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    “Respects intellect? Hmmm. Not so sure about that. Let the gemara-learners fill you in on that.

    Not that I am so bothered by this; it was probably the unfortuntate state of women in those days. But to perpetuate it as a legacy and strive to stunt intellect (in ANYONE)… as some hashkafos say… I don’t understand that. “

    Yes. yiddishkeit respects intellect, our Imahos, Nevios, Choshuve Tzidkanios were brilliant. This generation we have fewer Tzikanios but you can find them. The gemorah is timeless and I don’t agree with your thoughts on the matter.

    May you have clarity and Binah to find sources that will give you keen insight into the royal and honored position a Jewish women is.

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    I suggest reading Reb. Tziporah Heller’s books and Aish.com to learn more about the role and duty of a Jewish women. Yiddishkeit has by far the most respect, acknowledges the intellect, wisdom (BINAH) and ultimately the fulltime honored position as devoted wife and mother. Whom our families love and cherish.

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    “Of course. Just to add, what if she is a lawyer? Or doctor? or CEO of a large company? Or any other job that has traditionally belonged to the “man’s” sphere. A job that requires competitiveness and ambition.

    Does her contribution matter as much as a man in the same position?

    If my husband insited on doing this, I would probably insist that he not support me and I keep my own earnings. I cannot imagine a couple with even decent shalom bayis living this way. The money I earn/he earns goes into a JOINT account over which we BOTH have control. And my husband does not feel slighted in any way by this. “

    That’s NOT a Torah Hashkafa at all. I agree women are quite successful in their career (her priority remains her career family is taken care of by the nanny, but no one can successfully do both and that’s not what Hashem wants from us.

    A women’s priority is her home, her interests, hobbies, abilities are very important too. and the joint account is the way most people have it, and times changed we women like our independence that our grandmothers didn’t have but that’s not based from Torah hashkafa.

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    There is no right or wrong, role of a women includes characteristics of what she was created to do, mother, wife, daughter, the feminist wanted equal playing field as you mentioned equal pay. The reality is a women’s first obligated to care for her family, (if her husband’s learning she chooses to support her family) but most women aren’t cut out for a grueling work day 9-7, and also give their family attention and care. It’s a man job to support- read the Kesuba. When he comes home, he also has needs to be taken care of-that’s where a wife comes in.

    Think of the last family you know where “Mr.Mom” worked out?

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    The need to advertise “the exalted women” may be due to what the feministic ideology has done. As you mentioned a women might not be satisfied baking, cooking and caring for her family. Rather, she would feel more fulfilled, working, davening with a minyan 3 times a day, and learning.

    Men, usually are satisfied with their roles so there is no need to speak about it.

    A women always influences her husbands desire to learn and it is “B’zechus Nashim Tzdkanios Nigalu Avosenu…”

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    By nature women are “motherly” My 3 year old runs to feed her baby doll it’s bottle while I’m feeding the baby. It’s a natural instinct. Mothers role isn’t only supportive, it’s active, rewarding, fulfilling and keeps you constantly on your toes. How is being supportive negative?

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    Yiddishkeit puts a strong emphasis on the women being the ikeres habayis and wife and mother are the primary roles women play in a Jewish home. A women naturally isn’t feministic (making herself equal and masculine-for lack of better word).

    The feminist movement has corrupted women into think they should be manly.

    There are different roles and each serve the purpose of completing and both genders need each other to continue

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    Please try to find yourself before dating that’s crucial for yourself and you’re wasting a guys time.

    Parents might pressure you, but I can’t imagine your parents pressuring you into marriage which is a life commitment!

    Marriage is wonderful and Iy”H you should build a BNB with your lucky chosson when youre ready!

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    Married life is amazing! the best way to find out is watch and learn from happily married couples. HKB”H created the world in such a perfect way and marriage allows you to connect and build a life along with someone you love very much.

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    There are children’s books written specially for young children on dealing and living with cancer.

    We’re supporting you and Davening for all the cholim to have a speedy Refuah Shelema!!!!

    Hashem should give you strength to continue the amazing work that you do.

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    Baruch Hashem!

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