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    Put in Tebow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I dont understand this question. Lubavitch has tens of thousands of B’Ts. Thousands of which are yireim, shleimim etc.

    No problems finding shidduchim amongst other Lubavitch B’T’s

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    I do!

    The gemorro speaks about it!

    Besides, upsherenish is on the B-Day, Bar and Bas mitzvah is on the B-Day. Its like a personal Rosh Hahsnah!

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    As a Jets fan who lives in NE now, I will be at the game this Sunday!

    Unfortenatly, I was also at the 45-3 drubbing last month -:)

    Epic upset coming boys, we will win!!

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    I invite all my non Jewish neighbors and co workers to all my simchois and it continues to be a major kiddush Hashem each time.

    @ Chesed name: Take it down a notch. You probably do not have a non Jewish co worker, so you have no right to speak here. As far as chesed, change your name, because anyone who writes like you, has no chessed either.

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    Why Have You Done Bad to this People?!

    One Rabbi’s Response to the Haitian Earthquake of 2010

    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    By Shais Taub dor chabad.org

    It’s hard enough to comprehend the significance of what a 7.0 magnitude earthquake does to a densely populated area. It’s even harder to imagine what this means when most of the people affected are already living in sub-standard conditions.

    Haiti is figured to be the poorest country in the Americas. Something like a third of its GNP is foreign aide. It’s been wracked by disease, war, hurricanes and, now, earthquake. It’s unreal. Anyone who says that they can understand it clearly doesn’t understand it at all.

    Most of us will react with compassion. We will feel sympathy for the millions displaced from their homes, searching for lost relatives and left without access to even the most meager resources. Some of us will find somewhere to quickly donate online to help in the relief effort.

    And then there are those – a very, very small number actually – who will take it upon themselves to interpret for us the meaning of the disaster. They will try to extract moral lessons from what happened. Perhaps they will find some reason to explain why the Haitian people deserve such pitifully bad luck. They did the same thing after Katrina and after the Tsunami. They are quick to figure out why people suffer and to hold up the victims as a frightening example of G-d’s potential wrath to us as well.

    Please, do not listen to those who exploit human suffering for rhetorical flair.

    They will tell you that G-d wants to tell us something and that if we don’t learn from this, there will be more calamity.

    I know this because this is how they respond to every tragedy that grabs the world’s attention.

    What they are loath to admit is that we have no idea why this happened. We have no idea why G-d did this. There are no answers that we can understand.

    How then are we of faith to react? I mean, in addition to offering our help and our sympathy. How are we supposed to look at something like this?

    Just this past Saturday, in Jewish communities all over the world, we read the first portion of the Book of Exodus-a portion which ends withMoses’ complaint to G-d: “Why have You done bad to Your people?”

    The answer to this question comes at the beginning of this week’s Torahreading, in which G-d basically answers that the patriarchs, Abraham,Isaac and Jacob, also had cause to question Him but never did. In other words, G-d doesn’t answer the question. Rather, He tells Moses that from another perspective – the perspective of the Patriarchs – it would not even occur to ask such a question.

    It’s actually quite remarkable. G-d never answered the question.

    I wonder if that’s because G-d knew that Moses wouldn’t be able to understand the answer… or because He knew that he would?

    It is not for us to be comfortable with human suffering. It is certainly not for us to rationalize it away or, worse yet, to use false piety to audaciously explain the unexplainable.

    Does G-d have a plan? Does He know what He is doing? Yes.

    Are we able to explain what that is? If we do, we show that we have not only lost our hearts but also our minds.

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    I have little issues with it. Here is a guarantee from me: Stop this music and your kids will start listening to goiyishe music!

    As for A600KiloBear you are waaay over the top. Boruch Hashem you were not my michanech. NO ONE will get inspired by threats of skila etc. And nuch, you want to sing about it? You are one morbid fellow! Why dont you extend Tisha Baav by a few days, that can also be inspiring… You have obviously never worked with our (heimishe) youth. I am not even talking about “at risk” type, just a regular frum kid would suffocate from you. I am feeling stuffy right now…. I out.


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    Mariner, I am not here to defend lubavitch nor do I have the time to, but your “proofs” are exactly what I am talking about.

    Why the Rebbe and not the Besht, since lubavitvhers say that the rebbe did more for Torah and Yiddishkayt than anyone else, so if this is the dor it would be him. Agree or not agree, its a good answer.

    I do not know enough about this stuff, and you would have to ask a mayven, but let me take a look at the 3 points you made.

    1) In that nevuah, he saw that he dies and the world continued without Moshiach, that is a lot different from this where they say (and I assume all frumme Yidden believe) that Moshiach is coming now. So its too soon to use this proof of yours.

    2) When the Rambam and Ramban argue we follow the Rambam who says clearly that if Moshiach gets killed he cant be Moshiach, not if he dies.

    3)Once again, look into Rambam who says that if Moshiach does not end up coming than he was bchezkas Moshiach as opposed to Moshiach vaday. Look to answer # 1for this.

    I am sure that you can answer my replies with other proofs, but in lubavitch today there are hundreds of rabanim, geonim, roshey yeshiva etc. I see this peopleby simchas and the like. You need to talk to someone knowledgeable, like I did.

    I am not saying that the Rebbe is Moshiach, all I amsaying is live and let live (no pun intended). They have Rabbanim as great as our rabbanim and if you want to say that are mistaken, no problem. But do not say that they are going against halacha, unless you can back that up vs someone who knows his stuff i.e not me.

    All this does not even touch upon the amazing work they do around the world and the fact that the rebbe who I met a few times was a GIANT!!!!!

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    By the way, I am not a Lubavitcher, but my partner who I am very close to, is a very frum, chabad mishichist. I have spent 1,000 hours discussing these things with him, as we travel weekly around the world.

    I have no problem with him believing that the chabad rebbe is moshiach. I have yet to find a rov who can tell me why its against halacha for someone to have that opinion. Every time someone screams that its against halacha, apikorsis etc and they do not back it up with a mokor, I lose respect for them. Lubabs have all the answeres, yet we are screaming “apikorsis” with NOT EVEN one makor!!!!

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    Rav Balser,

    you are so wrong. For my job, I travel MOST of the time and I have davened in hundreds of chabads around the world over the las 20 years. To say that they are maykel about bishul yisroel is so false that its sad. Halavay, we in NY would be as makpid as they are in China, Africa etc when they cant even buy most products. You are obviously a liar.

    Yochi, not chabad but a big $uporter

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