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    Actually, I feel that my point stands, irrelevant of the fact that this case may have worked out. The point is that this could easily have been a lost opportunity, and that presumably if this happened once, it happens other times, too, where the opportunity is lost.

    My father z”l used to say, “afilu az se gelungt zich a narishkeit, bleibt is a narishkeit” – If you do something stupid, even if it works out for you, it was still a stupid thing to do.

    The chesed and it’s happy ending should have been promoted as a segulah for a shidduch!

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    Wow, what a sad story- and what a missed opportunity!

    Imagine how many more acts of chesed would have/ would have/ might have been encouraged to happen, done by boys who heard this story!

    And how sad is it that neither the girl nor her parents dared to ignore the shadchan, who is after all in it at least partly for his own good.

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