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Shomrei Emunim Rebbe Tells of his Out of Body Experience

The medical miracle, the recovery of the Shomrei Emunim Rebbe Shlita has attracted much attention.

Yisrael Weingarten, the first MDA EMT to arrive on the scene tells about the call, how he found the rebbe in cardiac arrest and began CPR. He spoke of how the rebbe’s spontaneous pulse returned about 30 minutes into CPR at which time he was stabilized and transported to Bikur Cholim Hospital.

The next day Weingarten began hearing rumors of the “medical miracle”, admitting he was skeptical, realizing even if the rebbe was alive many do not return without neurological deficits. He decided to make a trip to Bikur Cholim and see for himself.

“I got there and I simply witnessed the medical miracle. A man who was pulseless was alive and alert the very next day, propped up in bed. There is no explanation other than a miracle”.

Weingarten entered the room and extended his hand to the rebbe, asking “Does the rebbe remember me perhaps?”

The rebbe responded, “Of course I remember you. I saw you, all of it. I saw you pressing on my chest – all of the CPR as if I was above looking down”.

“The rav recognized me as if he was awake during the entire call during the CPR. He seems to have seen everything that went on. I am simply shocked” concluded Weingarten.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. I had an out of body experience when I was 14.
    Rabbi Bloch, an esteemed professor (head of the philosophy department) at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, has written a book bringing scientific proofs for the existence of G-d and the spirit world. In it he devotes a large section to the documented out of body experiences of many people.

    My out of body experience differed from all the accounts of other people I have read, but was essentially the same.

  2. Refuah Shalaima to the Rebbe. I look forward to hearing what the Rebbe and Torah has to say about his experience. I was in a major car accident over 25 years ago. As the huge vehicle came tearing into my little one I said my fastest personal prayer ever “This is it? Ok G-d, just PLEASE don’t let it hurt…” (I already knew too much about pain due to health problems) And b’kitsur- I immediately floated out of my body & witnessed the accident, & more, from above. I returned to my body ~45 minutes later, while they were taping me down to a stretcher “because that is what they were required to do just in case the patient might survive”, I was later told. I shocked them by opening my then-blind eyes momentarily before passing out in the more usual manner. I was completely paralyzed for several more hours when sensation returned, despite damage to my spine which should not have allowed me to even breathe. I did have years of work to recover (mostly) physically. But I LIVED… & I am not a Rebbe. This feels a HUGE special debt to HaShem. Who am I to live when others aren’t saved? What am I supposed to do that is so important? I hope the Rebbe speaks of these matters.

  3. This is so amazing specifically I just finished watching Rabbbi Yosef Mizrachi video Life After Death.
    just finished and I read this news WOW!
    Baruch Hashem for the Rebbe zul zel gezunt !

  4. There is a sefer in english called “Soul Searching” by a Rav named Yaakov Astor. The sefer is published by Targum Press. The sefer discusses the issues of life after death, out of body, reincarnation and more. A must read! Baruch Rofe Holim!

  5. B’chasdei hashem the rav had a great recovery and should continue to have a refuah shelamah but these “out of body” meisas are a bit over the top and more typical of some grade B hollywood movie.

  6. I had an inner-body experience where I saw well B”H, heard okay B”H, and knew my surroundings were an actuality. I thank Hashem daily that I can experience these events and it reminds me of His existence. Unfortunately, sometimes we need to hear of extraordinary things to make us appreciate the ordinary.

  7. Dear User PinhasErez,
    I tried looking up Rabbi Bloch and could not find him. Does he have another name? On UWO’s website in Philosophy department, it doesn’t list him, nor does he come up on their search engine of the entire website. I’d really like to find his book and speak with him.
    Would you be willing to speak in a documentary about your story?

  8. To Sara.dream,

    His last name is spelled “Block,” and I think he might be retired already. If you want to contact him, two of his sons are Chabad Shluchim in Texas, you can look them up on

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