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Another Binyamin Regional Council Shul Targeted in Break-In

This Friday night, Arabs broke into a shul in the community of Maale Michmas, located in the Binyamin Regional Council area of Shomron. The thieves made off with klei kessef and valuables. Before leaving that made certain to throw the sifrei torah on the ground. Last week, YWN-ISRAEL reported on the break-in of a shul in the community of Tel Tzion, which is also in the Binyamin district.

While there are no suspects in custody at the time of this report, officials report that Arabs are suspected. After a search was conducted, a whole was detected in the perimeter fence of the community. Investigators believe the thieves drove off in a waiting vehicle.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Bibi or Barak will probably try to blame it on the crazy settlers and some arab will probably put stitch together some video clip to support Bibi and Barak.

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