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Belzer Rebbe Makpid on White Socks During Chol Hamoed

As a sign to differentiate between kovod shabbos and yomtov, Belzer chassidim wear white socks on yomtov. Many chassidic courts wear white socks on shabbos, but Belze maintains its tradition from Europe and chassidim wear black socks on shabbos.

Last erev Sukkos the Rebbe Shlita instructed chassidim to wear white socks on yomtov for those able to do so, explaining this adds to kovod yomtov, including chol hamoed. Chassidim explain the rebbe is stringent in maintaining kedushas yomtov during the days of chol hamoed as well.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

12 Responses

  1. OK, different strokes for different folks.

    kavod Yom Tov spend time with elderly parents and grandparents from both sides of the family. Now that is a real KAVOD CHOL HAMOED.

  2. While not a Belzer chosid, I admire much of what the Belzer Rebbe has done with his community. Yet, I find this issue comical. I am sure there are issues that are much more important that color socks. Have we merited Moshiach? Our Avodas Hashem must be lacking enough that improvements are needed, even though we just wiped our slates clean with Yom Kippur. And all we find important is the color of socks?

  3. White socks look silly with black suits, but these folks generally could care less about making fashion statements.

  4. I vote for gold toe socks. Which Mashgiach is going to check if I’m gold toe or green toe.
    By the way there is a chalukas hadaos if you wear from of the loom on rosh Hashona
    A – if you have to make a cheschiyonu
    B – if you dip it into the honey

  5. Zionflag- I wear my white socks while visiting my elderly grandparents on Chol Hamoed.
    One doesn’t take away from the other.

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