PHOTOS: Bobover Rebbe (45) Visiting Eretz Yisrael



The Bobover Rebbe (45), Rav Mordche Dovid Unger Shlita arrived in Eretz Yisrael on Monday, 2 Tammuz 5773. The rebbe will be remaining for a few days, permitting him to attend the chasenah of a grandson of a well known Bobov philanthropist HaRav Tzion Frishwasser of London, marrying the granddaughter the head of Bobov Mosdos in Eretz Yisrael, Rav Chanoch Segal of Bnei Brak.

On Monday, a kabolas ponim was held for the rebbe in the main beis medrash in Yerushalayim.

The chasenah will be held in the Keter HaRimon Hall in Bnei Brak Wednesday night.

After the chupah, the rebbe will travel to Elad for tefillas Maariv, a tisch, returning to Bnei Brak at 23:00 for the mitzvah dance.

The rebbe will daven shachris in Bnei Brak on Thursday morning, then travel to Yerushalayim in the afternoon to attend sheva brachos. The rebbe will be attending another chasenah that evening, in Bnei Brak, leaving on a midnight flight back to Boro Park.



YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos by Shuki Lerer / JDN.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Someone please inform the Rabbe that NbN offers a “guided aliyah” program for those who want to officially make aliyah while they are in Israel. Who knows, maybe he will take NbN up on the offer!

  2. Anybody ask who is protecting him while in Israel? anyone ask who is accompnaying his motorcade as he travels to Yerushlayim, and if he goes to the Kotel anyone ask why we are now free to go to the Kotel? alas all of these questions are rhetorical the answers obvious but hakotat hatove absent.