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Levaya Of HaRav Shmuel Elchonon Brog ZATZAL [UPDATED]

YWN regrets to inform you of the Petira of HaRav Shmuel Elchonon Brog ZATZAL.

Rav Brog was a Maggid Shiur at Yeshiva Chaim Berlin for many decades, where he was Mechanech hundreds of Talmidim. His wife, Rebbetzin Sheine Brog, is the oldest daughter of Hagon HaRav Rav Avigdor Miller ZATZAL.

Rav Brog leaves behind a large Mishpacha of of many Rabbonim, and Marbitzei Torah.


Rav Yisroel Brog, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Tiferes Avigdor in Wickliffe Ohio, Rav Eliyahu Brog, Rov of Bais Yisroel Torah Center in Flatbush (his grandfathers Shul), Rav Avrohom Brog, Magid shiur in the Yeshiva of Peekskill, Rav Yehudah Brog of Yeshiva Bais Yisroel, Reb Meir Aryeh Brog (Lakewood), Reb Chaim Akiva Brog (Lakewood), and Reb Yaakov Moshe Brog (Lakewood).


Rebitzen Basie Cohen, wife of HaRav Simcha Bunim Cohen, Rov of Khal Ateres Yeshaya in Lakewood), Rebitzen Rochel Leah Kaplan, wife of HaRav Akiva Kaplan, Magid Shiur in Monsey, and Mrs. Yocheved Klein, wife of Rabbi Ezra Klein (Lakewood).

The Levaya will be held today (Thursday) at 2:00PM at Yeshiva Chaim Berlin, located on Coney Island Avenue between Avenue’s L and M.

Boruch Dayan Emmes…

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