Baruch Dayan Emmes: Avreich in Betar Illit was Niftar in his Sleep


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candle914An avreich in Betar Illit, 30, was niftar during his sleep. Ichud Hatzalah was summoned early Monday morning, 19 Iyar 5773. The niftar usually got up at 6am and when he failed to get up, his wife tried to wake him. When she was unsuccessful she summoned Ichud Hatzalah.

The arriving EMS team found the lifeless body of the avreich and immediately began resuscitation efforts, which were unsuccessful.

It is reported the niftar, Rav Aaron Eisenbach z”l, a Rachmastrivka chossid, was asthmatic and possibly suffered an attack during the night. Ladaat reports the avreich complained of head pain before going to sleep.

Levaya details to be announced. He is survived by his rebitzen and children. Zaka officials add there are no signs of foul play and they hope police will not seek to perform an autopsy.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. BD”E
    Honestly it makes a lot of sense. It was an extremely hot and dry day yesterday and there was no clean air anywhere cus of the abundance of meduras. I myself have breathing and allergy problems and I finished my day at 4pm under the air conditioner cus the air was just so heavy. So sad.

  2. Most probably not asthma – one doesnt die in their sleep from it. rather one is awakened with difficulty in breathing. more likely scenario is an aneurysm which fits the headache scenario and quite often can kill while a person is sleeping. So dont worry the meduras would only exacerbate ones asthma and asthmaics with a little common sense would stay indoors with the windows closed.

  3. OK # 3, let’s have it your way.

    First of all , there were no meduras,

    V’afilu im timtzuh loimer there were meduras, all the air was clean,

    V’afilu im timtzuh loimer the air wasn’t clean, Me’Haiche Tasieh that affects allergy and asthma sufferers.