Man Stabbed to Death in a Tzfas Shul


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candle914In a tragic event, a machlokes between three people in the “Macharov” (מכארוב) Shul on Bar Yochai Street in Tzfas ended up in a fatal stabbing. When EMS personnel arrived they found a man in his 50s bleeding to death from stab wounds. The attacker is described as a homeless man in his 30s, wearing a black yarmulke.

The victim was in traumatic cardiac arrest and resuscitation began as he was prepared for transport. He was pronounced dead in Ziff Hospital.

Reports from the scene indicate the attacker stabbed the victim seven times with a knife. No one was able to stop him. A number of mispallalim reportedly tried, albeit without success. A number of mispallalim sustained light injuries, apparently in an effort to stop the attacker. At least others were treated for light injuries in Ziff Hospital.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why does your permalink call the victim a schnorrer? He wasn’t homeless if that’s what you mean by shnorrer. Even if the niftar was homeless, that doesn’t necessarily mean he was a shnorrer anyway, but it’s my understanding he was not homeless.

    I can’t link your report at our community site because of the permalink and I am doubting the overall factual nature of your report in any case. I think you might have gotten the retzakh and the niftar confused.

  2. Just checked with my husband who knew the niftar. He was well off, and indeed, in no way a shnorrer. Please consider changing your permalink if at all possible.