Five IDF Soldiers Killed In Mortar Attack On Gaza Border Thursday Evening – 61 Killed Since Operation Launched


candle914It has been cleared for publication that five IDF soldiers were R”L killed on Thursday evening HY”D. According to the IDF, the soldiers were killed in a mortar attack near the Gaza border, in the Eshkol Regional Council. The families have been notified. The names and Levaya information have not yet been released.

This brings the total number of IDF casualties to 61 since the beginning of the operation.

Further information will be published when it becomes available.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The number of 61 fatalities does not convey the magnitude of the loss. Israel is a small country. To put make it proportional to American the number must be multiplied by a factor of around 50. This would make it 3000, more than the 2200 Americans lost in Afghanistan.

    In addition in a war where one side places a high value on human life and the other a lower value, the casualties are lopsided, whether in Gaza or Afghanistan. Also in both places the harm to “non-combatants” has been substantial.

  2. #1 Are u reality based? Or living in a cave.

    Tunnels& rocket launchers should just continue as normal I suppose to kill, injure & destroy Jewish cities & yishuvim…… Since it’s all political..

    Sefer Tanach … all political???Acharis Hayamim….. Is all political??
    Suicide Bombers…….. re all political???