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BD”E: Famed Satmar Badchan And Historian Rav Shlomo Yaakov Gelbman Z”L

candle914Rav Shlomo Yaakov Gelbman z”l , known as the Satmar historian was niftar on Shabbos 8 Nissan,  at the age of 63. Rav Gelbman authored the nine-volume sefer “מושיען של ישראל” on the history of the Yoel Moshe of Satmar and he was viewed as the Satmar historian.

He was served as the Badchan (entertainer) in the chassidus during the time of the VaYoel Moshe and the Rebbe the Beirach Moshe zt”l. For the past 15 years Rav Gelberman raised funds for Satmar in Williamsburg and he was well known and liked among all the Satmar askanim.

The levaya was held on motzei Shabbos from the large Satmar Beis Medrash in Williamsburg.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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