VIDEO ROUNDUP: Violent Hafganah On Bar Ilan Street Over Construction of Jerusalem Light Rail


A large protest took place on Tuesday night in Jerusalem’s Bar Ilan intersection where Admorim and the head of the Eidah Chareidis, Hagaon HaRav Yitzchak Tuvia Weiss, were joined by hundreds of Charedim in protesting the construction of the Jerusalem Light-rail.

HaRav Weiss, who celebrated his 95th birthday on Tuesday, helped organize the protest, which turned violent as police fired founl-smelling water cannons on the crowds. One border police officer was lightly injured and required medical attention from Magen David Adom after she was hit in the face with pepper spray by one of the protesters. In addition to the Gavad, the Toldos Aharon Rebbe also joined the protest from his car.

The Eidah Charedis has previously decided to increase the number and the intensity of the protests against the construction of the light-rail through Chareidi neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Israel is a G-dly country, much different than that of other non religious and corrupt and sick countries….we do not follow this…we stand by the rules of Torah__without being harsh, your dismantling of our religious system and beliefs will enhance you falling down…corrupt and sick secular minds……diseased and fractured……stop berating and harming Chareidi image and the image of our Hashem

  2. Humans of all stripes make this same mistake all the time. They think that because they live – and have lived – sometimes for a long time – in a certain place, they get to control it’s character forever. Oh no the Jews are moving in. Oh no the blacks are coming. Oh no the Chinese are taking over. This was a small town and now it’s becoming a big city! We must preserve the small town character of my hometown!

    This is not a religious fight that the eida is fighting. It’s a “get off my lawn” moment for them.

  3. Thanks for publishing my first post. Did I exceed my daily posting quota, so you simply couldn’t include my second Comment? Oh well, we’ll see if it appears tomorrow….

  4. Sara Rifka: Unless you live in a cave, even in a “Godly-country”, people need to commute to and from work, school, market and schools. The streets of Yerushalayim are already choked with traffic and putting more cars on the roads simply is not an option. Light rail systems are the most efficient and least-polluting public transportation systems used throughout the world. If these erhliche yidden don’t want to leave their homes and travel elsewhere, thats their option. But they are a small minority in a big city whose residents want and need public transportation. These who organize these mindless demonstrations should plan on spending some quality time in jail.

  5. I think both sides are making a mistake. How is this good chinuch? The Yeshiva bochrim are acting like hooligans. Maybe because we didn’t see if the protesters were peaceful before the police starting pushing

  6. Ashreichem Yisroel! Finally some one willing to stand up to the zionistic thugs. Reb Yoelish warned us aboutthis 80 years ago but no one listened. Oh well better late then never. We must fight fire with fire. If the zionists want a milchama then we shall surely give it to thjem. A milchemes mitzvah! Ein mitzvah godolah mizu! The only way to defend torah is to stop learning it and take to the streets in droaves. Mi la hashem eilay! The call has finally gone out. Kol yisroel yesh lohem chelek be oilam haboh, chutz me tzionim! I bless my brothers in the eida and may the eibishte be ever with you! Skoyach godol! Hatzlocha raboh! Nosson

  7. ghj613. Either a well-done troll or an absolutely mindless rant. This “milchemes mitzvah” as you call it will end badly with a bunch of bashed heads screaming gevalt, rabbonim and their talmidim being dragged off the streets to jail, and the new high-tech light rail being completed a few weeks behind schedule.

  8. Breakthru!
    Since when did Yeshiva World started reporting clear לשון הרע and מוציא שם רע???
    If they are a חרדי newsrepaper they shouldnt be עובר לשון הרע even when they do not agree with some people.