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Israel’s Supreme Court on Monday morning debated petitions filed by left-wing groups against the government’s decision not to enforce the recruitment of yeshivah bochurim. The law allowing the government to

In my role as a therapist for adolescents and young adults, I’ve observed a growing trend that concerns me deeply: the embrace of overly affectionate, “lovey-dovey” therapeutic practices. This approach

The IDF says it has escalated the military efforts against Hamas in the eastern suburbs of Khan Younis, specifically in Abasan al-Jadida and Abasan al-Kabira. The Givati Brigade has been

“When I fight for Israel’s position to world leaders and during interviews with international media, I can’t stop thinking about 4-year-old Avigayil,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated on Sunday. “Avigayil

Adi Zohar, the 30-year-old pregnant woman who was seriously injured in the Ma’ale Adumim terror attack on Thursday, spoke to the press from her hospital room in Shaare Tzedek Hospital

Michigan’s presidential primary on Tuesday will offer a serious test of President Joe Biden’s ability to navigate dissent within the Democratic Party over his response to Israel’s war with Hamas.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Sunday that 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in action in the two years since Russia launched its full-scale invasion. Zelenskyy said that the number

A 26-year-old illegal immigrant was arrested Friday in the killing of a nursing student whose body was found on the University of Georgia campus, and police said he apparently did

An El Al flight heading from Tel Aviv to Moldova was diverted following a disturbance caused by a passenger who reportedly behaved violently towards another passenger – the second such

Inflation has changed the way many Americans shop. Now, those changes in consumer habits are helping bring down inflation. Fed up with prices that remain about 19%, on average, above

Javier Milei, the fiery, right-wing populist president of Argentina, gave Donald Trump on Saturday an ecstatic hug a day after meeting with Biden administration officials in Buenos Aires. Trump and

California’s Senate race was expected to be a three-way Democratic prizefight, but the possibility of a record-low turnout is elevating the chances of Republican Steve Garvey, a former baseball star,

The IDF confirmed it has completed a targeted operation at Nasser Hospital in southern Gaza’s Khan Younis, resulting in the detention of approximately 200 individuals suspected of terrorism-related activities. The

This week, 34-year-old Malka Greenblatt is hoping to become the first Charedi woman representative in Yerushalaim’s city hall. Malka is well known in the American-Israeli community for her groundbreaking business

Shas chairman Aryeh Deri expressed optimism regarding the possibility of a hostage deal in an interview with Kikar Shabbos News. Deri discussed the recent talks held in Paris concerning a

At least one member of the Republican National Committee is working to slow Donald Trump’s attempted takeover of the organization by pushing to keep the committee neutral until Trump is

In the heart of New York City, amidst the dazzling lights of Times Square, a powerful expression of Jewish pride and solidarity unfolded last night. The “Times Square Takeover,” a

The IDF announced on Sunday that Sgt. Oz Daniel, H’yd, a 19-year IDF soldier who has been missing since October 7th, has been declared a fallen soldier whose body is

by Rabbi Yair Hoffman The Titanic sank in 1912, when it hit an iceberg.  The Amakusa Maru sank thirty years later – in 1942. The Titanic was located in 1985.  The

Billionaire Warren Buffett is known as one of the world’s greatest investors, and the 93-year-old has a devout following of people who admire his track record and appreciate his sage

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