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PHOTO: Another Day, Another Bear: This Time At Dushinsky Bungalows In Monticello


As the headline says, it’s another day, and another bear photo has been sent to YWN Catskills. This bear was seen in broad-daylight at Dushinksy Bungalows in Monticello, on Thursday afternoon. The bear was in the area of the new shul.

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2. GARBAGE: Clean up areas around garbage cans and do not put garbage outside over night. Put garbage out only on pickup days.

3. BIRD FEEDERS: Nuisance bear problems are usually a temporary situation in early spring. Bird feeders do attract bears and are often torn down. Take down or clean up all bird feeders (including humming bird feeders) for several weeks after a bear visit.

4. PET FOOD: Feed pets in the house if possible and clean up all left over food.

5. GRILLS: Outdoor grills will attract bears. If you have had a bear problem you should stop cooking outside on your grill, clean it up, and store it in a bear proof area for a couple of weeks.

6. COMPOST PILES: Bears are attracted to all types of garbage. Stop adding refuse to your compost pile and if it is located close to your house you should move it as far away as possible.

7. OTHER: Bears have an extraordinary sense of smell. If you store pet food, fish food, or any other items that might appeal to a bear’s sense of smell under an open shed or in a wooden shed you should remove it to a secure location.

(YWN Catskills Newsroom)

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