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By Rabbi Yair Hoffman What follows is a brief overview of some of the laws of second day Yom Tov.  In countries outside of Eretz Yisroel (the diaspora) on Jewish

The following memo provides important information about הפסח עליו שעבר חמץ at various establishments. In general, it is difficult to make definitive statements about the acceptability of purchasing chametz from

?מה נשתנה הלילה הזה “Why is this night different, citizens of Israel? On this night, 133 of our dear brothers and sisters are not around the Seder table, and they

The head of IDF military intelligence resigned on Monday over the failures surrounding Hamas’ unprecedented Oct. 7 attack, the military said, becoming the first senior figure to step down over

The Shin Bet, along with police and IDF, have announced the arrest of the terrorist responsible for the killing of 14-year-old Binyamin Achimeir HY”D in the West Bank earlier this

Three individuals sustained light injuries in a car-ramming terror attack in Jerusalem on Monday morning. The perpetrators, Palestinian terrorists teenagers, were captured following a brief manhunt. Amid the chaos, a

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman The Talmud (Brachos 43b) tells us that during the month of Nissan, when one goes out and sees trees blossoming recites the blessing, “Who has not

New York City Mayor Eric Adams today released the following statement in response to the ongoing protests occurring at Columbia University: “I am horrified and disgusted with the antisemitism being

Following the story on Motzei Shabbos that the United States was planning on placing sanctions against the IDF’s Netzach Yehuda (Chareidi) battalion, the military has released the following statement to

The 57-year-old sister of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, Sabah el-Salem Haniyeh, has been indicted on charges of identifying with a proscribed terrorist organization and incitement to terrorism. The indictment, filed

The UK-based Daily Mail reports a growing apprehension in Israel regarding the fate of the 133 hostages abducted by Hamas on October 7, suggesting that only about 40 of them

HaGoan Harav Moshe Sthernbuch delivered an early Shabbos HaGadol drasha on Thursday night at the Dushinsky Beis Medrash in Jerusalem. After a pilpul on bittul and biur chometz, HaRav Shtenbuch

The White House condemned “in the strongest terms” ongoing anti-Israel protests at colleges across the U.S., including at Columbia University in New York City, on Sunday, saying they have no

HaGaon HaRav Yitzchak Zilberstein spoke about the great nissim that Klal Yisrael experienced in Eretz Yisrael during the Iranian attack last Motzei Shabbos. In a Yom Tov interview for ‘קו

Israeli forces reportedly utilized an air-to-surface missile named ‘The Rampage’ in an attack on a military base near the Iranian city of Isfahan overnight Thursday-Friday, as per a report from

The Wall Street Journal reveals that US President Joe Biden and security officials observed with “mounting alarm” as the magnitude of Iran’s ballistic missile assault on Israel unfolded last weekend.

The Town of Ramapo has announced the addition of a new Chametz burning site to be operational this Erev Pesach in the Suffern Airmont area. The newly designated site is

by Rabbi Yair Hoffman for the Jewish Link Today is the yahrtzeit of Rav Yaakov Perlow, zt’l, the Novominsker Rebbe and Rosh Agudas Yisroel of America.  He passed away at

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