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Rebbitzin Tziporah Feiga Altar, a’h,the almanah of the Pnei Menachem and the mother of the Rosh HaYeshivah, HaGaon HaRav Shaul Alter, was nifteres on Sunday at the age of 98.

Three Hesder students from the third-year class of the Shalavim yeshivah lost their lives in the APC explosion in Rafah on Shabbos that killed eight soldiers. The three soldiers are

Plans for a potential US-led rescue operation were initially made in October, shortly after the outbreak of the war, when Hamas launched a surprise attack on southern Israel, killing nearly

Donald Trump used back-to-back stops Saturday to court Black voters and a conservative group that has been accused of attracting white supremacists as the Republican presidential candidate works to stitch

The mailings promised “Life Without Pain!” via stem cell injections or IVs administered in a patient’s own home. The allure was obvious: more than 20% of U.S. adults endure chronic

A total of 10 IDF soldiers lost their lives in Gaza in the past 24 hours. Eight of them were killed on Shabbos morning in the same incident in Rafah,

After flying through the night across nine time zones, from southern Italy to Southern California, President Joe Biden is shifting his focus from Russia’s challenge of Western unity to raking

El Al has announced the end of its discount program for baggage containing donations, which was introduced after the October 7 massacre. The program, which offered a significantly reduced rate

Two armed men believed to be Venezuelan migrants carjacked an off-duty NYPD officer in Harlem on Friday night, law enforcement sources reported. The suspects, identified as Jomar Crespo, 21, and

A critical technological glitch in the elite SIGINT force Unit 8200’s system occurred on the night of October 6, just hours before the devastating October 7th attack. According to Channel

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman A Mitzvah to eat – and yet no bracha was recited.  The current Rosh Yeshiva of the Novardok Yeshiva in Brooklyn, Rabbi Yaakov Drillman once performed

Dozens of world leaders converged on a Swiss resort Saturday to discuss how to bring peace to war-ravaged Ukraine, though any hopes of a real breakthrough were muted by the

The U.S. military unleashed a wave of attacks targeting radar sites operated by Yemen’s Houthi rebels after one merchant sailor went missing and the vessel he was on caught fire

Even though the median U.S. CEO pay package last year was nearly 200 times more than a worker in the middle of their company pay scales, Elon Musk’s record-setting Tesla

A federal judge on Friday ordered the liquidation of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones′ personal assets but dismissed his company’s separate bankruptcy case, leaving the immediate future of his Infowars media

The Supreme Court on Friday struck down a Trump-era ban on bump stocks, the rapid-fire gun accessories used in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, in a ruling

Speaker Mike Johnson said Friday that the House will go to court to enforce the subpoena against Attorney General Merrick Garland for access to President Joe Biden’s special counsel audio

After days of intense flooding in Florida, that state and many others are bracing for an intense heat wave, while the Pacific Northwest will experience unseasonably cold weather and there

Israel Police on Motzei Shabbos published footage of the moments that Israeli security forces broke into the apartment where hostage Noa Argamani was being held. “Noa, everything is all right.

An IDF soldier critically wounded on Monday in Rafah died of his wounds on Shabbos, the IDF announced on Motzei Shabbos. He was named as Sgt. Yair Roitman, H’Yd, 19,

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