Op-Ed: Disgusted Over Video With People Laughing And Dancing During Hafganos


hAfter reading YWN for many years, I am sure that there will be those who will defend the animals protesting in Yerushalayim today.

But first, here is the story.

A 4-year-old child is dead. Parents are mourning. An entire family is mourning.

A babysitter has been arrested, and has confessed to her actions which resulted in the tragic death of this pure Neshama.

To make matters worse, the court has decided to perform an autopsy on the child.

The parents are beyond devastated.

The grandfather of the child is the Mayor of Beit Shemesh. A respected and well-connected person. Rest assured, he is using all his connections to have the autopsy prevented. I can promise you that (hopefully) when the autopsy is prevented, the reversed decision will have NOTHING to do with the Hafganos.

But instead, the regular Chayos take to the streets, burning the city down, disrupting traffic, inconveniencing thousands upon thousands of people from getting to and from work, school, doctors appointments, Yeshiva, Kollel, Shopping or anything else. Naturally, the cries of “NAZIS!” is being screamed at the police.

But don’t worry — they are doing this all “Lishem Shomayim”.



See this video below, which I have sent to YWN to show to your readers.

The protests got so out of control, that water canons were brought into the streets to restore law and order.

But watch what happens.

People sing and dance in the streets!

Is this the people that are deeply saddened about the tragic death of a four year old?!

I don’t think so.

This is just as disgusting as the people dancing at a wedding and pointing knives through the photo of a Palestinian child who was murdered in an arson fire. There is no difference. These people need to be rounded up and taken away from our society which they are slowly destroying. Hateful, hurtful, violent people. There are no other words for such Chayos. This is not the way of the Torah. What Heter is there to destroy city property?

But not to worry. The haters will be after me in the comments about what “Reshoyim the Tziyonim are”, and “=what a lowlife I am for calling these “holy protesters” animals.

Something needs to change. We are doing something very wrong.

With a broken heart, and Tefillos for the speedy arrival of Moshiach,

Yehoshua Grossberg – Jerusalem.

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN


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  1. Why perform an autopsy in this situation? They claim to have all the information needed and that the issue of criminal liability has been resolved. This suggests the state is doing the autopsy simply to prove they can. If the defendant was demanding an autopsy to prove his/her innocence it would be a different matter (though one probably resolved with testing that doesn’t involve desecrating the body).

    Destroying the government’s property is rude but most frum Jews outside of America are not used to the idea that the government is “of, by and for the people”. In a traditional government, the government is an entity unto itself that rules the people, so there is less concern about trashing the property of the government especially when the government is at fault. Only Americans see government property as belong to the taxpayers.

  2. Wrong it is, but they view any secular action by a state that shouldn’t be as an invasion into their lives, and there very good at using every opportunity to demonstrate that, and to make that the defining aspect of their communities.

    The problem is – communities who’s main defining factor is a negative (“we stand for being against … others”) doesn’t do well with raising the next generation, and we’re looking at the third generation… ואכמ”ל

  3. He was a 4 MONTH old, not a 4 year old. Not that it makes it less tragic, but ppl. may be confused as to how a babysitter can shake a kid so hard as to cause brain damage. And she “confessed” to shaking him to wake him up because he wasn’t waking up. But all that aside, we are talking here about people who are BORED and this is their sorry excuse for having a little action. It doesn’t matter if it’s kvarim, army giyus, autopsies or anything else. It’s an excuse to stir up excitement because they’re bored out of their minds. And they mess up the city and wreak havoc for the rest of us.

  4. Shame on the author, and shame on YWN, for publishing an article – even an op-ed – that calls an entire group of Yidden “animals” and “Chayos”. I fail to see how this is any less than Motza’ei Shem Ra l’Mehadrin. You feel strongly about something? Control yourself, and express your opinion in a Mentchich and Halachically acceptable manner!

  5. Well said, Mr. Grossberg. These are animals who suffer from severe boredom. I’m sure these actions make Hashem very proud. I see these images and I think מי כעמך ישראל! They scream and kvetch about the ׳ממשלת זדון׳ and the ׳מדינה הרשעה׳ but these actions are a big part of why they feel how they do about these so called “chareidim” and unfortunately how they feel about the real chareidim as well. In my opinion, a lot more can be accomplished if they would conduct themselves how the Torah demands that we conduct ourselves and not by turning these holy streets into scenes from Gaza and Um-al-Fachem (btw, also holy streets).

  6. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    The animals in Meah Shariim are totally stupid idiots who have nothing to do with their life. They can’t learn, they can’t work, they can’t go to movies or surf the net, so they protest for enjoyment.

    Think of them when they come wading into shul disturbing you in the middle of davening that you should help them buy an apartment for all of their kids.

  7. to #5
    yes they are animals or chayos
    they have no jobs they are supposed to be learning instead half the time they are knocking on my door and schnorring or demonstrating for everything
    lighting fires etc and reaking havoc on the streets
    this has to stop
    this would not be if they would work like all normal people as it says in kris shma
    “veosafta deganecha”

    and if they were serious learners they would stay in the bais medrash

  8. Shame on you, #2 akuperma, when someone is at fault (or we think possibly he might be) then we’re allowed to trash his property?! We are not allowed to damage anyone’s property! Just because these people don’t pay taxes doesn’t mean they can cause harm to their fellow citizens who have contributed to, or make use of, government property.
    The author suggests that something needs to change. There is only one way to get these people to decide they’d like to keep burning garbage and yelling Gevald, or go back to the Beis Medrash. Those young men dancing in the street will show up at your door one day asking you to fund their weddings. The only statement you need to make to show them whether you approve of their behavior is to open or close your wallet. You can be sure they’ll be paying close attention.

  9. Perhaps “kavod hames” here would unfortunately require an unfortunate autopsy.
    How many times have we all read in the news that for weird emotional reasons a person confesses to a crime and they didn’t even do the crime?
    Perhaps here, her shaking wasn’t that strong and the child had a pre-existing condition? And the babysitter was feeling guilty, thinking that perhaps she wasn’t gentle enough with the infant, and in reality the bay was already dying or dead?

    After all, the baby was only four months old (Not four years old). Without an autopsy they may never find out the child had a congenital defect, and if it can be found out now it may even save the lives of other sibling who unknowingly may carry the same defect C’V’ .
    Life is not always so simple!
    Sure it’s easy to give a wave of the hand and scream Tzionim!
    But finding this out could potentially save another child’s life and the guilt this potentially innocent baby sitter is going through!

  10. How low have people sunk?? Do you being to understand anything? check your facts and history before opening your mouth. Every aspect of Yiddishkeit that we have today in EY is only because there were choshove yidden that went out to be moicheh being mekadesh Shem shamayim. If not for them there would be no trace of a frum yid in EY. they are doing everything possible to destroy our Yiddishkeit. We must do ANYTHING that will stop this. And being moicheh is the only language that the zionistic pigs which hate frum Jews more that Arabs understand. If you side with them you are them and I strongly pity you, for the punishment that awaits people trying to be machriv Torah is to great for anyone to handle.

  11. I don’t know whether the demonstration is justified or not, but these nitwits probably don’t even know what it’s for, they’re just there for the daily fun & action.

  12. Are You Crazy????????

    how do you compare those 2 people to the youths (MURDERS) dancing with weapons at a wedding, celebrating the רציחות done at duma?????????

    Shame on You Yeshiva World for designating the headline slamming the protesters rather than the so called Jewish government for doing an autopsy which is against the Halacha.


  13. kudos YWN for once again proving you’re not one of those radical, barbaric hareidis but instead nooooooooormal. Very noooooormal. Thank you! It relieves me to see that you don’t have to burn dumpsters in order to be part of the Yeshiva world! Oh, oops. I reached the end of the letter. You’re just parroting Grossberg; you’re too moderate and open minded and cowardly to take an official stance yourself. Well, thanks for telling us Grossberg’s view, anyway. Please publish this letter in line with DO YOU HAVE AN OPINION YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE POSTED ON YWN? SEND IT TO US FOR REVIEW.

  14. One thing I totally don’t get, regardless of which side you’re on:

    How in the world can you call a policeman who’s simply there to restore order, who may be doing this simply to feed his family, as a “Nazi”. I’m not talking about the ones who come with hatred and look to beat up etc. but simply another law-enforcement officer trying to do his job – who may be also a shomer Mitzvos – this is totally beyond (or below) me…

    Maybe akuperma can shed some darkness on this.



  16. Miriam/geula:

    I cannot think of a single time a talkback post left me speechless before I read yours. Wow. Baruch HaShem most of us know how to disagree without losing all the senses of humanity. May hashem give you a refuah sheleima.

  17. Dear YWN editor:
    Please ban Miriam Luria and remove that most disgusting, vile, comment of hers.
    Dear Mrs. Luria:
    Although you may be “brave” enough to sign your name, you should at least have pity on your family and friends or anybody that knows you. That’s one of the sickest, most embarrassing comments of all time.

  18. Dear YWN Editor,
    I would like to join #21 in requesting that you remove comment #18 from geula. You may feel you have to allow comments that are critical of your opinion, or of articles here. If so, you are correct. But a comment that curses a fellow Yid or any fellow human being is completely unacceptable. Would you allow foul language? Would you print kefira? This too is beyond the pale. The language used and the sentiment expressed are outrageous and shocking. Please remove as soon as possible.

    Moderators Note: Quite the contrary. People should see what goes out there in the ugly ugly world of blogging, and how deranged a person can actually be.

    Should anyone know her mothers name, please post it so we can all be mispallel for her speedy refuah shilaima.

  19. @ Miriam, you need pills or check into a mental institution asap. The brainwashing has left you seriously brain impaired.

    @ Let’s be Honest, you are also seriously brainwashed and can’t even think for yourself. No, these kind of hafganos that destroy others’ property has done nothing to advance Yiddishkeit. It is a terrible chillul Hashem. Why do you assume screaming “Nazi” at Jewish police, burning trash, destroying property, etc. has advanced Yiddishkeit one iota?

    And you sound like the Arab Muslims gloating that Islam is being spread globally because of Jihad. Get this into your head ” violence and destroying property gets you NOWHERE”. It is not the Torah way. In addition, it’s really funny how you anti-Zionists promote violence while denigrating Chareidim and Jews in general who want to arm themselves to protect against Muslims who want to commit violence upon us. Your kind of violence is OK, but protection of Jewish lives is not?

    Anti-Zionism is a religion that is not Yiddishkeit. Sure, you shouldn’t glorify secular Zionism and the secular causes they present. But there’s a lot more to the reality of a Tzionist government than you, in your little brainwashed mind, comprehends.

  20. Miriam you are despicable .HOW DARE YOU CURSE A JEW LIKE THAT??????? Besides for the fact that he is right. No matter how wrong the government is you are not allowed to damage their property. Now instead of cursing you I will do what a TRUE Jew should do. I will Daven for you that you will get help immediately and someone will set you on the right Torah path.

  21. If the babysitter shook the baby because he wasn’t waking up then he could already have been unconscious from another cause. She may not have contributed to his death. Death from Shaken Baby Syndrome isn’t something that occurs in an instant. The damage develops over time and eventually causes death. An autopsy may acquit the babysitter of any wrongdoing. However, there was no need for out of control protests or a regular autopsy. A virtual autopsy would show the cause of death and, as is often done here in America for frum Yidden, can be used in place of a regular autopsy.

  22. I don’t know whether to agree with the Moderators’ comments regarding Miriam/Geula, or with the normal people who are as horrified as I am by her vitriolic curses. But as it is said, a curse from a rasha is really a bracha. So YWN, she is really blessing you & your families (although what a vicious, insane way of doing so!)

    Mr. Goldberg: BRAVO. These lunatics caused so much trouble – I was late to work because the bus had to be re-routed; at that time I didn’t know why. And to Garlic & Golfer – thank you for your idea. All I need is for someone to teach me how to say in Yiddish “I do not support you or your extremist views & I will not give tzedaka for you to raise more haters.” (Once upon a time I could have gotten most of that out, but now I find myself speaking in 3 languages!) But my husband & I have enough worthy recipients of our tzedaka so we will give more to them.

    Finally – what happened to the baby is horrific & I am deeply saddened. My heart goes out to his parents & family. Hamokom yenaschem……

  23. To Miriam/Geula –

    I suggest you change your email address, as I’m sure you are receiving plenty of responses from outraged people. I feel so bad for your family, if they are halfway normal they must be mortified by being related to you. Nebach. People – don’t punish HER children for the actions of a deranged & cruel mother. They probably have enough to contend with on a daily basis.

  24. disgusting comment for one to say, wishing the family more tzaares…….klal yisroel needs to take action but this is not the way to do it. these little kids need a chuckie cheese or playground so this wont be going on. and as for calling policeman nazis, really, yes some policeman are corrupt but there are plenty who are just trying to restore order, that is their jobs. We wonder why we are very hated as yiddin, this just gives them more to hate. Beezras Hashem Yisborach, may this family find comfort in their mournings and may Klay Yisroel go back to behaving like true Ovdai Hashem.

  25. The riots in Beit Shemesh were absolutely horrible!! Massive Chillul Hashem!

    My 12 yr old son and his friends were stuck on a bus on their way home and were in the middle of the rioting. They said they were absolutely terrified. Children with rocks and metal rods tried to break the windows of the bus. The driver got out to stop the attacks but they started attacking him. The kids literally thought the menuvalim were going to rush onto the bus and start attacking everyone. The bus drive finally managed to turn the bus around and got out of there because the fires were to hot and close he thought the bus would catch on fire.

    What a Massive Chillul Hashem!!. What is even sader is that people attempt justify that this is not really a chillul Hashem but really a kiddush Hashem.

    Amazing how messed up people are today that they are trying to justify appalling behavior. A chilul Hashem through and through.