Ambassador Friedman Davens Mincha For Amud At Kosel [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman and his wife were at the Kosel on Monday afternoon.

An eye-witness tell YWN that Ambassador Friedman stopped by the Kosel with his security team and was escorted into the mens section by the Kosel Rav, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz. His wife was seen entering the Ezras Noshim where she was holding a Tehillim.

Ambassador Friedman then Davened Mincha – and in fact was the Shliach Tzibur at the Minyan.

Before leaving the Kosel, Ambassador Friedman delivered a short statement to the media, did not take any questions from reporters, and left the Kosel with his wife and security entourage after Davening.

For those curious, Ambassador Friedman davens Ashkenaz.

(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. While many of us may disagree with his politics and his sometimes intemperate language, he IS our ambassador and we should all wish him much hatzlacha in assuring the security of EY and in helping forge the basis for a long-term peace settlement.

  2. To hoymandigoyman;……so I guess you DISagree with Friedman on his apologizing 3 separate times in his confirmation hearing for his INtemperate language in some of his prior statements ….the videos (with his apologies) are available for your review on the website of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as well as CSpan 3 which broadcast the hearing.