A Letter From Tami Moskowitz, Critically Injured In Crash Near Baltimore That Took Life Of Son Moshe Z’L


Thank you to our entire special community and to the entire world for being there for our family after our dear son and brother Moshe A”H passed away. All your special memories of Moshe which you relayed to us in so many ways have given us much nechama.

Thank you all for your continuous and endless prayers that you said and for everything that you took upon yourselves for me and my family. You all stormed the gates of heaven and Hashem listened and gave my husband and children their wife/mother back to them.

We are all touched by the sincere love that was poured out to all of us by you. I know Tzvi has told you this many times but in the words of the doctors “this makes no sense.”

Therefore, it is obvious that through your prayers and good deeds Hashem kept me and allowed me to be able to write this letter to you.

I want to personally thank all the Medical personnel who took care of Moshe and myself at the scene.

Thank you to the Rabbonim that helped my family make life and death decisions.

Thank you to the entire medical staff at Medstar Washington Hospital who worked around the clock to help save my life.

Thank you to everyone who made meals, ran errands and anything else that was done that I don’t know about or remember. Thank you to all our family and friends who have done so much and continue to do so much for us.

I am sure I left many people who should be thanked and I apologize for that.

May we only know of simchas in the future.

Tami Moskowitz