HORRIFIC: 3 Israelis Killed In Stabbing Attack Inside Their Home On Friday Night


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A Palestinian terrorist infiltrated a home in Neve Tsuf (Halamish) at around 10 PM on Friday night and stabbed four Israelis. Three were killed and one person sustained serious wounds R”L.

The victims were believed to be two men – one in his 40’s and one in his 60’s, and a woman in her 40’s.

MDA paramedics said another woman in her 60’s was enroute to Shaare Zedek Hospital in Yerushalayim in moderate to serious condition, with stab wounds to her upper body.

The Palestinian terrorist was shot, reportedly by a neighbor who is an IDF soldier. The terrorist, whose condition is unknown, was identified as Omar Abd Al-Jalil, a teenager from a nearby village in the Ramallah area. It appears as if he entered the village by settlement a fence.

Ynet reports the attack occurred while ten people in the house were eating the Shabbos seuda. One women hid the children who were in the house so that they wouldn’t be found by the terrorist, and phoned the police.

IDF troops were reportedly searching the settlement to ensure there were no other attackers.


The family was slaughtered in the Kitchen of their own home

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



  1. It was reported in YWN that many French Jews were emigrating to Israel to avoid antisemitism. This causes one to wonder if it’s safer in France.

  2. Hashem Yirachem! We are in middle of the bein hamitzorim.

    Will we hear a peep out of the Russian drunk, Avigdor Lieberman? Will we hear ANYTHING from the no-show Rex Tillerson? David Friedman? Jason Greenblatt? The great “peace-maker” Jared Kushner?
    Same old same old.
    Both sides both sides.

  3. make no mistake for all those that questioned wether or not one should go to hat habayis this is exactly why the rabonim assured it…this is all part if it…first they started shooting then the Israeli government put in metal detectors which they now use as an excuse to start protesting and stabbing….but without the Jews on har habayis there would be one less excuse and this possibly does not happen….for all those who go I hope your satisfied with the point you were trying to make…BDE

  4. the government does not care . not one bit , there all the same bibi benet laip liviny revlin all gangsters each and every one of them
    they dont give a da….. about jewish blood