Jordanians Insist on Questioning Embassy Guard Who Shot & Killed Attacker – Wounded Guard May Not Return to Israel 


Jordanian officials are demanding to question the Israeli Embassy in Amman security agent who shot his attacker after being wounded by the screwdriver he was carrying.
The security agent was at his home near the embassy, changing furniture, when he was stabbed in his abdomen with a screwdriver by the worker. He drew his pistol and fired at him, killing him. A stray bullet that he fired also wounded a second man, who later died of his wounds.

There are conflicting reports as per the condition of the security agent, from light to moderate. Jordan is now demanding to question him in the incident and Israel is refusing.

As such, the Jordanians are not permitting the wounded agent to return home to Israel for treatment, compelling him to remain inside the embassy compound, Channel 2 News reports.

The attacker was employed by a furniture company and a worker managed to get behind the agent and begin stabbing him. The owner of the home was present when the attack occurred, some reporting he was a doctor. He was struck and hit by a stray bullet.

The incident is being viewed as a terrorist attack amid growing tensions surrounding Har Habayis.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. A man was shot and killed. Let’s assume he was terrorist. What self respecting sovereign nation would simply allow the shooter to leave the country without interviewing him? As it is the story as reported does not make sense. YWN says the security guard was “at his home near the embassy”, then later reports that “The owner of the home was present when the attack occurred, some reporting he was a doctor.” Let’s be a little real here. Unfortunately the Israelis arrogance fuels the fire of a lot of anti Semitism.