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Daughter Of Shlomo Helbrans Dies After Suffering Allergic Reaction; Buried In Guatemala

Just two weeks after Lev Tahor cult-leader Shlomo Helbrans died after drowning while “Toiveling” for Shabbos in a river in Mexico, the Helbrans family once again was struck with tragedy.

Sources confirm to YWN that Miriam Gittel Brocha, the 24-year-old daughter of Shlomo Helbrans suffered an allergic reaction and was Niftar on Sunday. She leaves behind a husband and 4 young children.

Her mother is sitting Shiva in Boro Park where she lived.

She was buried in Guatemala next to her father.

Three years ago, Miriam Helbrans launched a (since closed) website where she introduced herself as the second daughter of Shlomo Helbrans.

No further information was available.

(Charles Gross – YWN)

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  1. Unclear report. Who lived in BP – mother or daughter? What about the husband & siblings? Where did she die? Joseph, every death is a tragedy for Klal Yisrael.

  2. Big A & PosterGirl Allergic reaction even to something as simple as eggs, flowers or even incest bites can HV”S go deadly! EpiPen is a “must have” item in every kindergarten, school, camp and bag/purse of every allergy sufferer. Ii really saves lives, but it only last 10-15min. That’s why EpiPens come in a pack of two, to give the victim 20-30min to get help. If you ever use it you must go to a hospital to be monitored for next 4-6 hrs.
    Very sad story. BD”E!

  3. did shlomo helbrans believe in polygamy – with many wives – as s/1 mentioned???
    or was it a case of remarrying many times

  4. very sad. her life, a child of a misguided bal teshuva, so very sad. let us pray that her family and group
    will turn to Gedolei Yisroel for guidance.

  5. Does this cult have any form of haskomoh from Gedolei Torah that believe it is a derech of Avodas Hashem? When the rules of the cult are all about centralizing power in the leader, it stinks from avodah zarah. I am not about to direct my sensitivities to feeling bad for a group that is intentionally deifying its leader to the point where Hashem becomes secondary to the group leader. Does anyone have information that places this cult as a legitimate group within Klal Yisroel?

  6. I heard that the father is really still alive! He is just trying to throw everyone off etc. this explains a lot of mysteries

  7. TLIK: No haskamah, some Rabanim have publicly come out against them.
    Helbrans believes (believed?) himself to be a Rabbi, so he didn’t ask for haskamos….

  8. can anyone confirm this? The Israeli news sites quote YWN for the source of this story.
    any Montreal’er can confirm that her brother is siting shiva again רח”ל?

  9. to annoyed: you are proof that the internet is a pernicious rumor monger. You spout lies and motzei shem rah without knowing what you are talking about. Rabbi Helbrans Z”L only has one wife. To everyone else who spews garbage on the internet. What is the point of it except for earning yourselves aveiros? Someone just died under tragic circumstances and all you can do is say hateful stuff? You don’t have to join them or live like them but, they didn’t do anything to you so just Shut Up!

  10. It does seem strange that father and daughter die so close to one another and they were both buried in Guatemala and not brought to burial in either eretz yisrael or their home towns. Especially as he was wanted by the law

  11. I am sure they can exhume bodies from Guatemala and take DNA samples to prove who was, or was not, buried in those plots.

  12. “Basmelech1 – it seems like you are taking this very personal and, based on the earlier post you seem to know them/her. Were you ever part of them or have any family there?
    Helbrans was surely a misguided BT, this cult did more than enough damage to all families that fell in. Even their own brother isn’t allowed to see his children – despite being frum through all charedi standards – only because he didn’t go along with their extremism.

  13. I’m appalled at some of the comments posted above. They seem similar to those kids in Florida who laughed and mocked a disabled man as he drowned to death.
    They did nothing to try to save him, on the contrary, they even filmed it and posted it. You can hear them laughing and mockingly declare, ” Hey man, you can’t swim! You should o never gone into the water. Yo gonna die! They laughed as he died. Some comments above seem similar in nature.
    What a rachmanus family and cult. So let’s say they’re weird and/or misguided; does that make their lives הפקר? Are we to desist from expressing feelings of rachmanus just because they’re misguided? It just makes the rachmanus even greater!
    To think how the אויבערשטער didn’t allow the מלאכים to say שירה after the cruelest of the cruelest – the מצרים –
    drowned in the ים סוף , because, He said, מעשי ידי
    טבועים ואתם אומרים שירה

    Yidden are רחמנים בני רחמנים, let’s be נושא בעול עם חברו and feel sad for them. It’s tragic indeed.

  14. gaon, you should call yourself nutcracker gaon – who in their right mind acts the way they do.
    if it was the right way, then most of klal yisroel would be doing this too, and rabbonim would be writing pashkevils that we should do teshuva and become like the helbrans.
    but since it’s probably not the accepted way…

  15. hey hey yapchik – none of the above are singing shira or hallel – they were simply commenting on their way of life and not mocking the death of this poor (misguided) young woman.
    calm down!
    no one gloats upon the death of another yid!

  16. ready now –
    If THEY are not extremists – WHAT is?!
    Either you don’t know their tactics or you don’t know the meaning of “extremism”.
    Anyone who left the cult can tell you about the horror, including their own son/brother Nosson Helbrons.

    Yaapchik – I agree some commentators did indeed show mockery of his death. In any case, it is a real tragedy. He had the talent, power and resources to develop and flourish a beautiful BT community, but he opted to become Cult Leader.

  17. Gaon and ready now: extremists is the wrong work. It’s not extreme yiddishkeit, it’s simply another religion that practices most of what we do. The cutim and tzedokah also kept the Torah and only changes the parts they saw fit and didn’t believe in the mesorah but invented their own.

    And even if they did practice yiddishkeit properly, living in a cult is equivalent to a prison sentence. There is a humongous difference between an extreme chassidus and Lev Tahor. Lev Tahor is a cult where the members have lost the free will to serve Hashem like real yidden. They are enslaved to the cult with terrible consequences of they try to leave to follow a real chassidus.

    May the Helbrans family like any tinokos shenishbu be returned to Torah true yiddishkeit bekorov and suffer no more tragedies

  18. i know them all very well the daughters family name was lever her husbants name was yochanan lever his mother also live in the community there when she got married she was about 10 years different from her husband her husband has a brother what run away and got OTD his name is arye for more about the leve family look at youtube lev tahor documentary part 1/2

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