Brit Milah Threatened In Sweden By Call To Ban Non-Medical Circumcision


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A major Swedish political party has voted to change its official stance in favor of banning Bris Milah.

The Swedish Center Party tally at its annual meeting was 314-166, overturning the 18-member party board’s unanimous rejection of the proposal.

The vote was criticized by party chief Annie Loof.

The party has 31 of the 349 seats in the parliament. It currently backs the left-wing bloc, though it’s not officially part of the coalition.

The party Vice Chairman, Anders W Jonsson, told the Swedish press: “This was not a decision that the party leadership wanted.” He said that those who called for a ban on circumcision were focused on child rights and that the debate had not been related to religion.

“This isn’t something we plan to write a motion on,” said Lööf.

According to political observers, even if the party did end up submitting a motion to ban circumcision, it’s unlikely it would get far. In the lead-up to 2018’s election, both the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD) and the Left Party told Sweden’s Jewish magazine Judisk Krönika they were in favor of an 18-year age limit on the procedure. No other party said it would support such a policy or any other kind of ban or restriction, although the Green Party described male circumcision as “problematic”.

Around 20,000 Jews live in Sweden.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Circumcision is politically incorrect, and we should be aware that as the “left” (as seen in America) grows they will probably act to ban Bris Milah (and probably kashrus), meaning it will be time to move on.