UPDATE: Prop From School Play Causes Hate Crime Scare In Boro Park


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A swastika found in Boro Park on Monday afternoon prompted a response from the NYPD and an already community on edge to be even more disturbed.

The red Nazi symbol was found on a wooden board on 14th Avenue and 39th Street – a very busy Boro Park Street.

But YWN has since confirmed that this piece of wood was used by as a prop in a school play, and was simply discarded.

Many had immediately taken to social media to denounce the latest hate, including elected officials.

There have been dozens of hate crimes recently around Jewish communities in NYC.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Should our schools be making use of the swastika? On the one hand our children should know what it is but then, on the other hand, should we be drawing the real thing?

  2. @golfer I’m coming to arrest you
    @coffeeaddict if it was anti-semitic why not change it slightly so as not to have the right image?
    Seriously – plenty of vandals have gotten it wrong. If the swastika hadn’t been drawn properly it would still have raised alarm.