Statement From Monsey Yeshiva Following Viral Video of Rebbe Beating Student


A video has gone viral of a Rebbe in a Yeshiva in Monsey beating a student, who appears to be around 15 years old. The boy is seen (in the very unclear video) on the floor, and the Rebbe then screaming at him to leave the classroom. The video made its way to Twitter, where local news agencies have picked up on it.

Yeshiva Shaar Ephraim gave the following statement to YWN moments ago to be publicized:

“The behavior shown on the video is abhorrent and has no place in an educational institution. We unequivocally condemn any such behavior. We are also glad that the faculty member seen on the video seperated from our school several years ago.”

YWN notes that the video is at least three years old.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Is this rosho employed in another yeshiva? He clearly has an anger problem, and has zero knowledge of his obligations as a mechanech. I hope his career does not involve him in a role where he has authority over children of any age.

  2. Three years ago is well within the statute of limitations for physical assault of a minor. Have they referred this so called “rebbe” to the Rockland County police for investigation and prosecution??

  3. Spelling mistake of “separated” stands out so much that it takes away from the legitimacy of the statement.
    Not a good representation at all for this Yeshiva.

  4. Wow so nice that he was “separated” after more than 30 years of being a magid shiur. The Yeshiva knew all about this and did nothing, even when parents complained about it. In fact after he married off all his kids and he wanted to retire (yeah he’s in his 70’s), the menahel of the Yeshiva (currently Rosh Yeshiva) begged him to stay even though he and everyone else knew what he was doing and what he’s up to. Finally 2 years ago he left on his own leaving behind dozens if not hundreds of traumatized bochurim, who remember this even today, and aren’t mochel him.

  5. This story is pure Loshen Hara with no ulterior purpose other than to spread hate and dissension. Shame on you YWN for posting such vile and toxic stories.

  6. Posted earlier here 5 hours ago and in another article. My comments for the past months do not show pending as they did months ago. Where do they go?

  7. like in other cases of abuse, just letting the offender go and not informing others where he might seek employment is gross negligence which ought to be pursued and sued if it results in repeated behavior.

  8. Gadol-
    Is this your Halachic opinion – that it’s proper to refer this individual to the authorities for prosecution ? When an individual does something terrible, should we then follow out instinctive reaction to punish according to what we see fit? Perhaps we should rather arrange a public beating, so to deliver an appropriate “eye for an eye” response? Or should each person decide on his or her own, based on the wealth of information here, what is the appropriate way to approach this crime?

  9. As a former student of the yeshiva I would like to point out 2 things.
    1) if there is one person in this yeshiva that I still admire almost 20 years later it’s this particular teacher, and yes I got a beating from him (I probably deserved it..) and I was expelled from the yeshiva in the end.
    2) probably most of you don’t know this but this particular class was closed by the end of the summer season cause of many troubles they caused in yeshiva, and most likely that’s why this video was released only now, most likely for revenge.
    P.s. at the time I couldn’t understand why they would close a full class of 16 years old but now I understand if a boy in 1st grade yeshiva (13-14 years old) can have a device in classroom to capture this it shows what kind of boys they were,
    I know some people here on YWN are going to write “oh good thing he had the device” fact is its unacceptable in any heimishe yeshiva to have such devices.

  10. so we’re trying to rewrite the present backwards
    social norms change
    things that were Gray
    say in 10 years from now, kapparos with chickens will be considered unacceptable / abhorrent
    are we going to say the older Generations previously were horrible because they did it
    Hate to break it to lots of you but many if not most fathers and grandfathers today got spanked in the past
    that was the norm and most of them are not suffering too much because of it