LIVE BLOG UPDATED 6:27PM IL: School, Work Cancelled As Missiles Rain Down On Israel After Killing Of Islamic Jihad Commander



Israel carried out a targeted assassination of Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza, Baha Abu Al Ata. At precisely the same time, multiple media outlets report that Israel killed a major Islamic Jihad terrorist in Syria. In retaliation, rockets are raining down into Israel.

The following is a live blog by the YWN Israel Desk in Jerusalem. Please refresh for new updates

6:27PM: The Israel Prison Authority has transferred 174 prisoners from an Ashkelon prison to another facility, in Be’er Sheva. This is due to the rocket fire from Gaza.

6:20PM: Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan speaks to the nation via KAN11 TV News, explains that Israel Police is in charge at present, with all other organizations and security forces operating under its umbrella due to the “special regulations” which remain in place. This is the result of the ongoing rocket fire from Gaza into Israel.

The senior cabinet minister urges all citizens to adhere to the instructions and directives of the IDF Homefront Command.

He adds the nation’s security forces stand ready for “any situation”, including “a scenario of an attempted terrorist infiltration from the sea”. The Israel Police has increased its manpower in light of the security emergency, which has led to the implementation of limited emergency regulations.

Police, Fire & Rescue and EMS remain at their highest operational level, praising all the agencies.

6:15PM: Israel’s Civil Service Commission explains that any employee scared to report to work due to the security crisis is permitted to take vacation days under the law.

6:05PM: US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman

6:04PM: Globes financial news explains the State of Israel has NIS 1.3 billion in reserves, pointing out it is enough for either a military operation in Gaza or another round of Knesset elections – but not both, asking “what to do?”

6:00PM: The following roads are closed at this time due to the security situation in southern Israel.
• Route 4 southbound from Zikim Junction towards Yad Mordechai
• Route 25 from Netivot Junction westbound
• Route 34 from Yad Mordechai in both directions
• Route 232 from Gavim Junction westbound

5:45PM: IDF Homefront Command Colonel Gil Shanav, speaking on KAN11 TV News suggests persons in areas not usually targeted with rocket fire to review regulations with family members – to discuss what everyone does if sirens are heard in the middle of the night.

Families who can put small children to sleep in safe rooms are advised to do so.

5:17PM: IDF convoy of tanks heading south to the Gaza border.

5:15PM: The IAF continues to strike Islamic Jihad terrorist targets in Gaza at this time. Targets struck in the last sorties include a training base of its naval forces, and a terror tunnel shaft.

5:05PM: While it is not known who will assume command of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza, Israel is well-aware the terrorist organization still has thousands of rockets, some longer-range and more powerful than those fired since the morning.

In addition, the intelligence community is still reporting the rocket fire all day was the Islamic Jihad exclusively, citing Hamas wishes to halt the rocket fire and does not wish to get involved. That said, all analysts seem to agree, that at some point, Hamas will feel it too must become involved in the rocket fire.

At this time, residents from the Gaza border up to and including Gush Dan are instructed to be in running distance of a safe room. This means the 80km (48 miles) regulations remains in effect as it has been since the morning.

Rocket fire from Gaza has continued over the past hour, albeit at a much slower pace than earlier in the day. B’chasdei Hashem, the miracles from HKBH continue.

4:56PM: United Hatzalah is operating in southern Israel to provide an emergency medical response as well. The organization’s psychotrauma team has also been meeting with and assisting victims suffering from hysteria as a result of the situation. Photos courtesy of the United Hatzalah Spokesman Unit.

4:55PM: The 8-year-old girl who went into cardiac arrest in Holon when sirens wailed this morning is now stable Baruch Hashem. Doctors report “an improvement” over the past two hours and her family remains at her side.

That said, she is still connected to life support and is not communicating with her environment.

4:47PM: A first look inside at the factory in Sderot hit by a rocket, which resulted in a fire that took hours to bring under control.

Because of the IDF Homefront Command directive to close all area businesses, no one was inside B’chasdei Hashem.

4:40PM: A look at the fighting from an MDA perspective. Photos courtesy of the MDA Spokesman Unit.

4:36PM: The following update is provided by MDA.
Since 5:00AM this morning;
• 39 persons in southern and central Israel have been treated
• 20 persons sustained light physical injuries
• 17 persons were treated for hysteria
• Some of the victims were transported to a hospital
• 2 males in their 40s and 50s were hit by shrapnel near Gan Yavne Junction and sustained light injuries
• MDA remains on high alert and we have increased our manpower

The Gazan Ministry of Health is reporting a total of five dead and 30 injured in the latest round of warfare with Israel.

Gaza-based terrorists are warning their response to the Israeli assassination of Islamic Jihad commanders has yet to come. The mother of one of the assassinated terrorists is quoted by News13 calling for the appropriate response, “the bombing of Tel Aviv”.

The diagram below explains how much time one has to run for cover in the respective city/municipality.

4:34PM: First report of a direct hit to a Sderot home. More to follow

The IDF has called up several hundred soldiers to emergency duty, those serving in military intelligence, Homefront Command and Iron Dome teams.

4:14PM: IDF targeting Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza at this time. Sirens in some of the Gaza border communities.

As nightfall approaches, residents of southern Gaza communities are reminded to remain in running distance of safe rooms.

In keeping with the lessons learned in past operations against terrorists in Gaza, Defense Minister Naftali Bennet has declared that special regulations will continue to apply in areas up to 80km (48 miles) from Gaza. This includes Tel Aviv and Gush Dan.

Many fear that with the arrival of nightfall, rocket fire is likely to resume.

3:50PM: Under constant rocket fire from Gaza since 6:00AM this morning, volunteers from United Hatzalah in Sderot stepped up to perform a chessed shel emmes when they assisted in preparing the kever of a resident of the city who died yesterday.
Staff and volunteers who regularly take care of these arrangements for the deceased in the city were unable to prepare a kever due to the barrage of rockets coming from Gaza. The volunteers stayed to provide medical security to the small group of people who managed to arrive for the levaya to pay their respects for their neighbor and friend.

: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is meeting with the chairman of the Blue & White party, former IDF Chief MK Benny Gantz to update him on the situation vis-à-vis the renewed warfare with Gaza-based terrorists.

Also present is the prime minister’s military secretary, Brigadier-General Avi Blut.

3:25PM: IDF reports tank fire directed at three Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza.

3:03PM: MDA paramedic Shafir Botner explains the importance of adhering to the instructions of the IDF Homefront Command.

2:51PM: Another direct hit, this time a home in the Eshkol Regional Council. B”H the family was inside the safe room. No fatalities or injuries.

The rocket penetrated the roof of the home and became impaled.

2:47PM: Over 160 rockets have been fired from Gaza towards Israel since the predawn hours, of which, 60 were intercepted by the Iron Dome rocket defense system.

B’chasdei Hashem, most rockets fell short or landed in open areas.

2:40PM: Interior Minister Aryeh Deri meeting earlier with Ashkelon Mayor Tomer Galam, accompanied by senior employees in his ministry and Ashkelon City Hall.

Deputy Finance Minister Yitzchak Cohen is seated next to Deri.

2:23PM: Chen and Ira Eitam arrived in their new home in Kibbutz Ein HaShloshah on Monday and have spent most of their time in a safe room instead of unpacking. They remain determined to remain however.

1:51PM: Takes place in front of the Jerusalem central bus station, praising the IDF attacks against Gaza terrorists, asking people to “make a bracha”.

1:47PM: Blue & White party chairman, MK Benny Gantz.

Blue & White, under my leadership, will always place the security of citizens before all else. The current operation will not influence the ongoing political processes.

1:41PM: The air force has just launched another round of attacks against Islamic Jihad terrorists in northern Gaza. Terrorists preparing to launch more rockets at Israel were targeted.

1:25PM: one can see the extent of the fire caused from the recent attack in which a rocket slammed down, making a direct hit to a Sderot toy factory. B’chasdei Hashem, there were no fatalities or injuries. The factory was closed due to the current situation. Once again, adhering to IDF Homefront Command instructions saves lives.

1:13PM: IDF soldier blocks CNN from filming along Gaza border

1:03PM: IDF Recap of events

1:00PM: Yisrael Beitenu party chairman, MK Avigdor Lieberman, who currently holds the key to the next coalition in his hand, announced he called for the assassination of the senior Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza City, Bahaa Abu el-Atta, six months ago, but PM Netanyahu “stood on his hind legs in opposition, preventing the attack.

12:48PM: The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has launched an operation to distribute hundreds of protective vests to emergency response units operating in the Gaza Envelope as well as to rescue and civilian-assistance agencies in the southern region. This program was arranged in advance and in coordination with the Homefront Command and the heads of authorities in relevant areas. It was tailored to meet the specific needs that were defined by the respective security officer in each locality.

During the first phase of the operation, The Fellowship will provide 500 protective vests to be distributed in the cities of Sderot, Ashkelon, Be’er Sheva, Netivot, Ofakim, Ashdod, Bnei Ayish as well as in the regional councils of Eshkol, Ashkelon Coast, S’dot Negev and Shaar HaNegev. The Fellowship has said that if necessary, the operation will be expanded in coordination with the heads of authorities and the Homefront Command.

12:40 PM: Binyamin Netanyahu, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-General Aviv Kochavi and the director of the ISA (Israel Security Agency/Shin Bet) Nadav Argaman are seated at the table for joint press conference at about 12:30PM.
Defense Minister Naftali Bennet is conspicuously absent.

PM Netanyahu: (Synopsis)
The targeted strike against senior Islamic Jihad commander Bahaa Abu el-Atta was approved by the cabinet 10 days ago. He was a “ticking timebomb” and was responsible for attacks, the firing of 100s of rockets at Israel.

I thank the IDF, security agencies, the ISA.

We are trying to attack terrorists with minimum collateral damage to Gaza residents. We knew we can operate by carrying out surgical strikes to reach those who attacked us.

Citizens, please listen to the instructions from the IDF Homefront Command, which save lives. This is most important for the protection of each and every citizen.

Israel is not interested in an escalation in fighting but will do whatever necessary to protect ourselves. This may continue for a time. Everyone requires resilience.

IDF Chief Kochavi: (Synopsis)
Thanked all security agencies.

Bahaa Abu el-Atta was the senior Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza, responsible for ordering terrorist attacks and dozens of rockets, as well as many many attacks.

He inflamed the situation in southern Gaza as is seen along the border fence. He was a live ticking timebomb and of late, planned additional attacks.

We tried to carry out the hit using various measures, which did not succeed. Hence we decided on the targeted strike, which was accurate.

We do not want an escalation in fighting, but we are prepared for it. If required, we will return to targeted surgical strikes against terrorists.

All citizens must adhere to and carryout instructions of the Homefront Command to the letter of the law.

ISA Director: Nadav Argaman (Synopsis)
Begins thanking the same agencies, detailing additional IDF units. He explains the need for assassinating the senior Islamic Jihad commander, citing Israel does not seek an escalation in fighting.

The operation was carried out based on detailed credible intelligence information and the air force was surgically accurate towards avoiding any and all collateral damage.

The strike killing Bahaa Abu el-Atta tonight was the correct move at the correct time from an operational and other perspectives.

They spoke for less than 10 minutes collectively.

12:26PM: News13 correspondent Ohr Heller explains the irony. When the situation is quiet and Israel targets a major terrorist, Israel is blamed for beginning another round of fighting.

When there is warfare however, the senior commanders are underground hiding. Hence, Israel has no alternative other than to eliminate the senior commanders when they can, as was done today, during the predawn hours.

12:15PM: The IDF Spokesman’s Office reports the air force has begun targeting Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza.


News13 correspondent Ohr Heller explains that Hamas is not involved in the firing of rockets that began this morning, but only the Islamic Jihad. He adds Hamas has called for a halt of the rocket attacks, but the Islamic Jihad is acting independently, defying the Hamas regime.

News13 adds that the elimination of the senior Islamic Jihad commander in Syria is also welcome by Hamas, explaining “Israel did Hamas’ dirty work in this case”.

The Gaza Health Ministry reports three dead and 18 injured since the morning.

12:11PM: B’chasdei Hashem, News13 now reporting the 8-year-old girl who went into cardiac arrest earlier when sirens sounded in Holon is now listed in “stable/non-life-threatening condition”.

12:08PM: The late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who was responsible for the Disengagement, the expulsion of the Jews from Gaza, promises that Ashkelon and other cities will not become terrorist targets.

11:58AM: A toy factory sustained a direct hit in a rocket attack into Sderot. The building is on fire. No injuries are reported.

11:45AM: Rocket strikes in Rishon L’Tzion at 9:15AM this morning, landing between a parked vehicle and a wall.

A better look at the damage in that attack.

11:38AM: At least 80 rockets fired at Israel since the early morning hours.

Tanks are now seen heading towards the Gaza border signaling a possible escalation in the fighting to come.

Newly-appointed Defense Minister Naftali Bennet has asked Likud MK Avi Dichter to serve as his deputy minister. Dichter is a former head of the ISA (Israel Security Agency/Shin Bet) and former National Security Advisor.

11:20AM: Batsheva Hadad is the woman whose home in Netivot was hit by a rocket earlier, sustaining considerable damage. She told News13 that a few months ago, her daughter Michal A”H died of a serious illness and now she sees the miraculous hand of HKBH as her home was hit, they were home, but they all got into the safe room in time and shut the door. As such, no one was hurt. “Baruch Hashem for his chessed. I have no doubt that the wall I have with pictures of tzaddikim including Rav Abarjil and the Rebbe from Lubavitch saved us. I first and foremost thank HKBH for his chessed. Property damage is just that and B”H we are all okay.”

Mrs. Hadad also stresses the need to do hishtadlus and run to safe rooms!

A look at the inside of Mrs. Hadad’s home

Below, MDA’s national command center during this state of emergency.

11:14AM: Important phone numbers during the current state of emergency.

• Psychological emergency hotline 1-800-363-363
• Homefront Command 104
• Tax Authority to report property damage *4954
• Police 100
• MDA 101
• Fire 102
• ZAKA 1220
• United Hatzalah 1221
• Yad Sarah 02-644-4444

• Barzilai (Ashkelon) 1255-171
• Wolfson (Holon) 1255-135
• Soroka (Be’er Sheva) 1255-177

11:05AM: Children from the Hebron Talmid Torah reciting Tehillim by the kever of Yaakov Avinu in the Ma’aras HaMachpelah.

10:58AM: Two Islamic Jihad terrorists riding a motorcycle in northern Gaza were hit in a targeted IAF strike a short time ago. They were both killed. The missile was fired from an IAF drone, an unmanned aircraft.

10:54AM: Report from Magen David Adom: 15 injured lightly in the morning’s rocket attacks, most from injuries sustained running for cover.

In addition, 13 residents are being treated for hysteria, the result of sirens and rocket attacks.

An 8-year-old girl remains in critical condition in Wolfson Hospital. She went into cardiac arrest when sirens sounded in Holon.

10:49AM: IDF continues to restrict gatherings in the Gush Dan/Yarkon areas to a maximum of 300 people. Schools remain closed. Businesses may open for as long as one can reach a protected area within the designated time for the area.

Regarding the Gaza border area, Western Lachish area, Western Negev, Central Negev and Southern Shfela: Gatherings up to 100 people, schools remain closed and all businesses that are not “essential” remain closed. Residents are instructed to remain near or in safe rooms.

10:39AM: Following is a video of the Iron Dome defense system intercepting a rocket fired from Gaza towards the city of Modi’in a short time ago.

A better look at the home hit with a rocket strike in Netivot a short time ago. The family was inside the safe room so there were no fatalities or injuries.

10:36AM: Photos of the home of senior Islamic Jihad official Jihad Akram Ajuri in Damascus, which was reported to have been targeted earlier today by Israel. Photos from the official Sana Syrian state-run news agency.

10:31AM: Fox News reporting from Gaza.

10:17AM: Sirens sounding in Modi’in, Beit Hashmonai, Gezer, Kfar Shmuel, Karmei Yosef and other areas.
A 66-year-old woman being treated by MDA for hysteria.

10:11AM: Direct hit to a home in Netivot. The family is home but was in the safe room, so no injuries are being reported.

Surveillance cameras show impact of rocket earlier at Shtulim Jct. in Gan Yavne area.

The driver of a vehicle was hit with shrapnel and is now being treated in a hospital for his light injuries.

The 8-year-old girl who went into cardiac arrest from sirens in Holon remains in critical condition in Wolfson Hospital in Holon.

10:07AM: Rocket intercepted over Ashdod. Baruch Hashem no injuries are reported in that city from latest rocket attack.

Rocket attacks continue at this time with a heavy barrage at this time.

9:49AM: Islamic Jihad commander Bahaa Abu el-Atta did not leave his home for at least 10 days, News12 reports, as he understood he was being targeted by Israel. Retired IAF commander, Major-General Eitan Ben-Eliyahu told News12 that he was aware he is a target, but never expected “a surprise like the one delivered”.

Radio Darom (South) employee Efrat Elchadad is scheduled to be married tonight in Ashkelon, but the chasenah was canceled as per the IDF Homefront Command. She announced, “they canceled the wedding because of the Homefront directive but I will be married tonight – it does not matter where”.

The rocket in Gan Yavne landed in the middle of a road.

9:41AM: All Hamas headquarters are empty as Hamas commanders have gone underground to hide, expecting IDF strikes. Israel Channel 12 News reports that prisons have been emptied in Gaza as well.

Hamas joins the Islamic Jihad, announcing “Israel crossed a red line” when it resumed targeted assassinations, referring to the killing of senior Islamic Jihad commander Bahaa Abu el-Atta, in Gaza City.

MDA spokesman Zaki Heller confirms one person was lightly wounded by rocket shrapnel at Shtulim Junction, not four as reported earlier.

9:37AM: In the Gan Yavne area, at Shtulim Junction, damage reported to electric lines. Four persons are lightly injured.

9:30AM: The Security Cabinet is convening in the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv at this time. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-General Aviv Kochavi are scheduled to address the media in one hour, at 10:30AM.

9:21AM: The Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepted rockets directed at the center of the country. Unconfirmed reports state at least one rocket was intercepted near Ben-Gurion International Airport, which continues normal operations at this time.

9:09AM: Bnei Brak Mayor Avraham Rubinstein is convening an urgent meeting with the appropriate officials in the city; including the city’s security officer and those in charge of educational institutions, kindergartens and social services in the torah city.

City bomb shelters are being opened as per the IDF Homefront Command. The mayor calls on all citizens to adhere to the instructions of the Homefront Command.

According to a United Hatzalah report, an 8-year-old girl in Holon went into cardiac arrest as a result of the sirens. They began CPR and defibrillated her. B’chasdei Hashem, her spontaneous pulse returned, and she was transported to Wolfson Hospital in Holon where doctors are fighting for her life.

Sirens continue sounding in Holon, Bat Yam, Ashkelon, Netzanim, Nitzan and other areas at this time.

9:02AM: According to Syria’s state-run media, Israeli warplanes fired three missiles into a residential building near the Lebanese Embassy in Mezzah, in the Western district of Damascus. Two people were killed in the attack that left at least six others wounded.
In Israel, unconfirmed reports state senior Islamic Jihad official Jihad Akram Ajuri was the target. Government officials in Jerusalem remain silent regarding the attack.

8:53AM: The Ministry of Health is operating a situation room in conjunction with the IDF Homefront Command and emergency agencies such as MDA. In addition, all of the nation’s hospitals stand ready for an emergency the ministry reports.

Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon reports persons wishing to remain updated may visit the hospital’s Facebook page, dial ‘106’ inside Ashkelon or call 08-666-3106.

8:49AM: Tel Aviv: Some cafes and other businesses which opened this morning are in the process of closing their doors. However, many if not most cafes are still operating and people are defying Homefront Command orders, opting to sit outside and sip espresso instead of being inside and near safe rooms as instructed to do. Sirens wailed in Tel Aviv and throughout Gush Dan earlier today, and Baruch Hashem, there were no rocket impacts reported.

8:41AM: Israel Electric Company officials call on residents to phone ‘103’ or the emergency police number, ‘100’ in the event power lines are damaged. The public is instructed to remain as far away from downed lines as possible and not to attempt to deal with them.

Beit Shemesh City Hall announced the city is functioning on regular schedule and schools remain open.

ZAKA volunteers nationwide are on alert and are instructed to check and double check equipment and to be ready to respond as the situation appears to worsen. Rocket attacks into Israel continue at this time.

Over 50 rockets have been fired into Israel since the early morning hours. The Israel Air Force (IAF) has begun to retaliate, striking terrorist targets in Hamas-controlled Gaza. B’chasdei Hashem, no one has been killed or injured in rocket attacks, which began earlier this morning, Tuesday, November 12, 2019.

8:33AM: While the IDF Homefront Command has not instructed the city to do so, the northern city Ra’anana has instructed city officials to open public shelters.

In the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council and Be’er Tuvia, city officials are meeting with security personnel along with IDF Homefront Command and police representatives to address the state of emergency.

Photo: Roter News


Photo: Roter News

8:32AM: The entire area from Ashkelon to Ashdod is not under attack with a heavy wave of rocket fire from Gaza.

8:26AM: Shmuel Abuav, the director-general of the Education Ministry, reports over 1 million school children will be home today as a result of the renewed warfare. Over 120 school trips are taking place and the ministry is in the process of contacting those in charge to update them, and all outings have been canceled. The ministry has moved to a state of emergency as well.

In addition, the ministry is responsible for the safety of the many children in dormitories, as well as the cities in which children arrived at school and must now head home as the school closings have been expanded to the 80km (48 miles) mark, to include all of Gush Dan.

8:26AM: Shmuel Abuav, the director-general of the Education Ministry, reports over 1 million school children will be home today as a result of the renewed warfare.

8:13AM: Tensions are running high in Tel Aviv as residents are unaccustomed to hearing air raid sirens, unlike the residents of southern Gaza. B’chasdei Hashem there are no reports of rocket impact in the Gush Dan region following the sirens heard minutes ago. Sirens continue to wail throughout southern Israel as this is being reported, reaching Ashdod and Yavne, along with many other areas. The list is far to extensive to detail.

Below is a list of the latest round of rocket fire and the distance one has to run to a shelter.

צבע אדום – התרעות פיקוד העורף:
• מרחב לכיש: אשדוד – א,ב,ד,ה (45 שניות)
• מרחב לכיש: אשדוד – אזור תעשייה צפוני ונ (45 שניות)
• מרחב לכיש: אשדוד – ג,ו,ז (45 שניות)
• מרחב לכיש: אשדוד – ח,ט,י,יג,יד,טז (45 שניות)
• מרחב לכיש: אשדוד – יא,יב,טו,יז,מרינה (45 שניות)
• מרחב לכיש: בני דרום (45 שניות)
• מרחב לכיש: ניר גלים (45 שניות)
• מרחב דרום השפלה: יבנה (דקה)
• מרחב דרום השפלה: כפר הנגיד (דקה)
• מרחב דרום השפלה: בן זכאי (דקה)
• מרחב לכיש: גן הדרום (45 שניות)
• מרחב לכיש: גן יבנה (45 שניות)
• מרחב דרום השפלה: כפר אביב (דקה)
• מרחב דרום השפלה: כרם ביבנה (דקה)
• מרחב דרום השפלה: מתחם בני דרום (דקה)
• מרחב דרום השפלה: קבוצת יבנה (דקה)
• מרחב דרום השפלה: מעון צופיה (דקה)
• מרחב לכיש: שתולים (45 שניות)

8:08AM: Islamic Jihad statement: Israel has crossed all red lines and has declared war and the Palestinian resistance will not cease until Tel Aviv is wiped out.

An Egyptian delegation is scheduled to arrive in Israel later this morning, hoping to prevent “an escalation”. It would appear this delegation may be too little too late.

8:01AM: Sirens in Gush Dan, including Tel Aviv, Holon, Bat Yam, Rishon L’Tzion and more.

7:55AM: MDA reports a total of six persons have been injured in the morning rocket attacks, three with light physical injuries and three with hysteria.

Schools and businesses are closed in Elad, Rosh Ha’ayin, Modi’in and Shoham

7:46AM: Matte Yehuda Regional Council, the largest regional council in Israel, has announced that schools will be closed in ten communities. In Beit Shemesh, which borders Matte Yehuda, schools are operating on a regular schedule.

7:22AM: A house in the southern town of Sderot suffers a direct hit by a rocket fired from Gaza. Despite the heavy damage, there are no casualties. (Video below)


In a move signaling that war is imminent chas v’sholom, Israel has ordered the closure of “all non-essential businesses” from Gaza up to Gush Dan. This includes Tel Aviv, Holon, Ramat Gan, Givatayim and Rishon L’Tzion. This means all businesses and schools up to 80 kilometers (48 miles) from the Gaza border are closed. Gatherings may not exceed 300 people in those areas as well.

This is the first time such an order has been given since Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014. It compels the closure of schools and workplaces not classified as essential in time of war.

Parents are urged to remain at home with their children and not to wander outside. We await information regarding operations at Ben-Gurion International Airport.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)