Jewish Man Critically Injured When Stabbed While Walking To Shul In Monsey


An Orthodox Jewish man is in critical condition after he was stabbed multiple times on Wednesday morning.

Sources tell YWN that the incident happened at around 5:40AM in front of 2 Howard Drive in Monsey, as the 29-year-old man was walking to Shul for Shacharis.

Rockland Hatzolah received a call reporting a man lying on the floor bleeding. At first it was assumed he was stuck by a vehicle, but the victim spoke to Hatzolah members for around 2 minuteness before going unconscious. The victim stated that a vehicle pulled up, two men got out, brutally assaulted him, and then stabbed him multiple times. They got back into their vehicle and drove away.

Chaveirim of Rockland has since verified that his story is accurate by obtaining security camera footage of the attack.

Hatzolah transported the victim to Westchester Trauma Center where he was rushed into emergency surgery.

He is listed in critical but stable condition, and suffered multiple serious stab wounds. He is a Kollel Yungerman, and a father of 4 children.

The Ramapo Police held a press conference on Wednesday after about the incident – see video below from that event.

NY Governor Cuomo released the following statement:

“I am deeply disturbed by the violent attack of an Orthodox Jewish man who was beaten and repeatedly stabbed while on his way to Synagogue in Monsey, Rockland County, earlier today. I am directing the State Police Hate Crimes Task Force to assist the Ramapo Police Department and the Rockland County Sheriff’s office as they investigate this horrific assault and examine all potential motives, including whether the attack may have been motivated by anti-Semitism.

“This is not an isolated incident, all across the state we’ve seen an alarming rise in anti-Semitic vandalism and hate-fueled attacks. We cannot allow the cancer of hate to metastasize any further. The escalation of hatred and anti-Semitism must end here and now, and I urge all New Yorkers to denounce hate whenever and wherever they see it.”

Early Wednesday afternoon, The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) told YWN that they are offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual or individuals responsible for the vicious stabbing.

“We are outraged by this terribly violent incident,” said Evan R. Bernstein, ADL NY/NJ Regional Director. “This is truly horrifying. A peaceful walk to shul in the early morning hours is how this man started the day and now he in serious condition in a hospital because of this attack. There is absolutely no room in our communities for violence. We must come together and stand shoulder to shoulder, not only to condemn this despicable act, but also work as a community to stem the tide of hatred and violence. We wish for the speedy and full recovery of the victim and hope this reward facilitates the swift apprehension of those responsible for this attack.”


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. And yet all the yidden in monsey go out and vote for someone like Walsh just because some big shots in the community say to! Walsh is the most anti pistol permit judge rockland has ever seen. Fellow Yidden! We need to do our hishtadlus and protect ourselves. Every capable yid in monsey should apply for a pistol permit and receive the proper and necessary training to carry it! We cannot allow violence to become common place near our homes the same way it is happening in brooklyn! Like we learn in the gemara in sanhedrin, when someone comes to hurt us, we must be prepared to defend ourselves!

  2. MORDECHAI BEN BRACHA refuah shlema
    Philosopher: You know this because you are a philosopher, or because you have first-hand info?
    “we” “us” does this mean you talking for everyone? “comfortable ” you feel or we and us feel?
    I guess you know one way or the other . Can I come with my questions, concerns, and doubts and get a clear understanding. Ish asher Ruach Elokim bo!

  3. Perhaps use the political leverage of block voting to obtain more extensive police patrols and protection would be more cost-effective than a lot of yidden with minimal firearms experience walking around carrying guns. Certainly, some may choose to get firearms permits but the idea of every Moishe and Yankel packing heat scares me more than the infrequent assault in this community.

  4. Why are people so negative on YWN?

    Whenever anything happens, it’s Hashem sending us messages. ‘Philosopher’ is 100% right. When we become too ‘comfortable’ in galus- when influences that shouldn’t be in our lives become everyday routine- then Hashem has to unfortunately wake us up.

    THESE ARE FUNDAMENTALS? What kind of yiddishkeit are you living? I don’t understand why people choose to view everything with such a cynical perspective.

    Bottom line: we are not here forever and to speed up the geulah, we need to pile on the AHAVAS YISRAEL not c”v the opposite!

    Rant over.

  5. Well, yes many Yidden have become comfortable in golus. I don’t mean comfortable with having all the materialistic needs they desire/need, but rather that we think that we can live in the US comfortably ( again for those who didnt get it- I am not referring to materialistic comfort).

  6. Mount, thanks for saying it so eloquently.

    With the word “comfortable” I did indeed mean to imply we have adopted and are becoming increasingly comfortable with American influenced ideas and behavior for example the heavy use of social media. It is especially ugly when frum women post private stuff of their families and are singing and dancing on public forums…

  7. I understand what you’re saying about being comfortable meaning Americanizing ourselves. However talking about being positive and Ahavas Yisroel, I think after 2000 years in Golus, Klal Yisroel is doing a pretty good job. Everyone is suffering one way or another, it’s time for Moshiach to show up.

  8. @LoveRockland There is a lot of Ahavas Yisrael today b”H- my point was directed at many of the commentators on YWN who seem to always seem to see everything so cynically… it’s most certainly time for moshiach.

  9. When Jews go against the Torah, Ilhan Omar, Tlaib and AOC, virulent bigots and racists and Jew haters disguised as anti Israel, govern the Democrat party.

  10. Sometimes someone needs to appear so when you see them in the picture @ YW or other news sites, they hope that you think that they’re on your side…..
    Reminder about the video, that he @ First didn’t mind that it’s out here!

  11. Philosopher, please stop already. We all make mistakes, so no need to provide excuses for your mishap. This tragic occurrence was not the result of the fault of women posting on social media, not the fault of them singing or dancing in public forums, not the fault of women entering the workplace to earn a parnasah. It’s not the fault of owning an American flag or standing for pledge of allegiance at a ballgame- because it’s being “too comfortable with America”. Just please stop it already.

  12. Any time tragedies occur the Klal needs to look within to see why Hashem has turned away His face. We cannot point to any one reason. But where something is definitely wrong we cannot say that is not the reason. It may very well be the reason. I note this assault occurred in area where developers have caused great tzar to elderly residents. We cannot say that is the reason but neither can we ignore that it could be and that Hashem gave us the hint by allowing it to occur there.

  13. TGIShabbos, I believe the uptick in anti-Semitic incidents (actually this incident now seems to be not racially motivated. Seems to be more to this story…) is Hashem’s message to us that we shouldn’t get to comfortable with American influences. This should be every frum Jew’s reaction.

    It is very telling that you lump “women entering the workforce”, which is nothing wrong provided that the environment is kosher, together with women singing and dancing on public forums…Seems you are very influenced by the American messed up mentality equalizing everything so that whatever one wants to do is ok regardless what halacha dictates…

  14. philosopher
    “(actually this incident now seems to be not racially motivated.”
    What makes you think so?
    I know this man he has no affair with the outside world, he is a ben Torah and magid shiur, sits and learns th whole day so I just cannot see any other reason for this attack.
    unless you wanna say that the attacker was just in the mode of attacking anyone not a specifically a jew, but I doubt it…

  15. MORDECHAI BEN BRACHA L‘refuah shleima,

    We can’t & are not allowed to judge the cause of why hashem maid this happen, But it is surely a message that everyone in their field should do something to bring Simcha to hashem & the world,

    Now about the elections,
    I’m not saying that this happened because of that, but logically speaking, when their are multiple people in multiple different ways all saying Or righting negative, This is 100% that it won’t bring good to the community or area or sect they are against,

    “I’m hashem loi yishmar eir shove shockod shomeir”,

    We from our side are obligated to protect our self, Both with a copital tehilim, & with some hishtodlos,
    We can’t ignore the terrible videos or the terrible almost elected officials, who build up the hatred against the community,

    We have to do something drastic to stop this immediately!

    Remember a copital tehilim to! For MORDECHAI BEN BRACHA L‘refuah shleima!

  16. 8453568608, I’m not saying at all that the victim is at fault. I’m just saying that the police are not treating this as a racially motivated incident because there MAY be more to the story like a mistaken identity or something like that. Again, I’m not saying the victim was involved in criminal activities so please don’t take it as such.