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Monsey Stabbing Victim Responding To Family Following Surgery; Detectives Following Many Leads

The following is the latest information available to YWN as of 4:30PM regarding the vicious and brutal assault and stabbing of 29-year-old Mordechai ben Bracha (Schlesinger).

Bichasdei Hashem, a serious and lengthy surgery ended just moments ago, and he is Borch Hashem responding to his family who is at his bedside. The surgery was his second since the attack. This surgery was on his head, where he suffered a skull fracture.

Doctors are hopeful that they will perform another surgery and will be able to save one of his eyes that was seriously damaged in the attack.

Family members requested that YWN publish that people should continue to be Mispallel for his full recovery.

Meanwhile, Ramapo Police are working tirelessly on multiple leads and are being assisted by Detectives from other agencies. Police were out in full-force over night (Wednesday – Thursday) with lots of extra patrols. This extra police presence is not expected to end in the near future.

All video footage that the Ramapo Police Detectives are working with was secured thanks to the hard work of Chaveirim of Rockland. Chaveirim Volunteers have worked around the clock going house to house searching for cameras, In fact, they have tracked over four miles of cameras to attempt to locate where the vehicle entered the area from and to try and gather additional vehicle information.

YWN will continue providing accurate updates to our readership as we get them.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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