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MASSIVE TURNOUT: More Than 1,000 Angry Flatbush Residents Protest “Charter School For At Risk Teens” [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

An important meeting was held at the “East Midwood Jewish Center” in Flatbush on Monday night, and the crowd of angry residents was so large, that police were not letting people into the building. The FJCC spearheaded this effort for the last 4 months, unified and brought out the community tonight.

As YWN reported, the Jewish Center, located at 1625 Ocean Ave between Aves. K and L, has plans to repurpose the Jewish Day school established in 1950 with Urban Dove ( – a Charter School that says in their mission statement that they cater to highly at risk public high school teenagers.

In fact, none of these children live anywhere near Flatbush, and they would be bussed into the area. If anyone knows anything about the type teenagers this “school” would be bringing into the community each day, it can be safely assumed that crime would skyrocket in this quiet residential area. Flatbush Shomrim and the NYPD would have their hands full, to say the least.

Due to a shortage of classroom space in this neighborhood, local Yeshivas offered to rent the building on the same terms, but the East Midwood board decided they’d rather rent to an outside Charter school.

Fearing this possibility turning into a reality, more than 1,000 local community residents turned out for the meeting.

Sources tell YWN that leading community activists personally brought them 7 yeshivas to buy or rent the building. They made impossible conditions to stop the offers.

Watch the video below of one angry resident blasting a board member of the East Midwood jewish Center

Additional information about the meeting will be published when it becomes available to us.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

12 Responses

  1. Quite an impressive turnout. Did representatives of the temple explain what criteria were used in choosing this school as a tenant other than their mission to be welcoming to all? Was the reason that Jewish schools were refused, explained? Was the reason that their very own school closed, probably due to the frumming of the neighborhood explained. And isn’t their purpose to be a service, not a business?
    The EMJC board member I contacted with these sort of questions never responded to my query.

  2. This is so blatantly racist, it is almost comical. Just think of every yeshiva that opens up in a random town or neighborhood, yet when one non profit organization wants to open a school for at risk children in Flatbush, the residents flip out because of “the crime.”

  3. a few points;
    although the meeting was in the big building on ocean avenue ,
    i think the premises being rented out is the school on 21, ? which makes a diff.
    edward murrow has 2000+ kids come and go everyday w/o issue
    madison has 2000 kids w/o issue…
    7 yeshivas wanted the space? could be but all yeshivas in flatbush are trying to stay full as more young people move out ( even mir ran a full color ad in fjj)
    unfortunately there is no legal way to stop it , and flatbush yidden are not good at making noise
    hopefully the meetings can help create some input and compromises

  4. Once again we have liberals preferring to side with troubled urban youths that will cause much harm to our communities. Given all the attacks against us in frum neighbourhoods lately, it makes no sense to bus in more of these criminals into areas except to virtue signal. If only these leftists would open their eyes and see the damage this would do. Unfortunately they won’t because their female rabbis won’t let them stop worshipping the democrat party.

  5. Have any of these “well meaning” residents ever hear of the CHEREM of the Chasam Soifer regarding entering a conservative temple? Did they perhaps receive a Heter?

  6. Mam, it’s simple.. when we open up yeshivos in other neighborhoods, it’s cause we don’t have any more space in our own, and our schools don’t bring crime to that neighborhood. You can’t say that about these other schools

  7. kinsler, it seems that they haven’t entered the sanctuary itself. As an aside, the Chasam Sofer lived until 1839. The Conservative movement was only founded in 1886.
    Neither of these points may make a halachic difference – I’m not a rabbi.

  8. Who ever up there said it was “racist”—-you dont know what you are talking about.
    No race is specified for these students. These are “troubled youth” aka criminally active, gangs, drugs. They may be white. Who cares what race they are? No one cares about their race. Obviously we dont want criminals in our neighborhood. Doesn’t matter what ethnicity or color the criminals are.

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