NEW POLICY: DM Bennett Says Israel Will No Longer Release Bodies Of Terrorists


Defense Minister Naftali Bennett announced a change in policy on Wednesday morning, giving the order to halt the release of any and all bodies of terrorists for burial, regardless of their affiliation. Bennett ordered the IDF and the security establishment to halt any planned release of bodies, without exception.

Bennett arrived at his decision following high-level consultations. This means that the bodies of all terrorists held or that will be held by Israel will not be released for burial as was the often the case in the past. This applies across the board, regardless of which terrorist organization a terrorist was affiliated with. In special cases, the Defense Minister may decide to make an exception.

The new policy will be presented to the Political-Security Cabinet in detail and it will take affect after the forum approves it.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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    What on earth for? Surely you’re not so stupid as to believe that ridiculous story that circulates, that Moslems believe this would affect their afterlives.

  2. What will they do with the terrorist’s bodies? They can’t bury them respectfully because that would be inappropriate for pigs like them, but Israel also can’t disgrace the corpses due to the outcry that would occur worldwide. Also, this would result in the terrorist’s revenge which would be the mutilation of captured IDF soldier’s bodies.