READ THIS: NJ State Trooper Lets Jewish Driver Off The Hook “Have You Done Your Page Yet Today?”


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The Siyum HaShas saved a Jewish driver from a moving violation on Thursday, in an incredible Kiddush Hashem.

The story happened less than 24 hours after 93,000 Orthodox Jews gathered at MetLife Stadium for the Syium HaShas.

The driver was stopped on the Garden State Parkway for a traffic violation, and when the trooper noticed the Yarmulke on the mans head he asked “have you done your page yet today? The driver said that he had not yet done it, to which the trooper responded “If you promise to do it today, I will let you off with just a warning!”

The driver engaged in some conversation with the Trooper who stated that he had worked at MetLife Stadium at the Siyum on Wednesday, and he was so impressed that 93,000 people gathered to celebrate, and there was not one intoxicated person, and not one disorderly person.


Rabbi Abe Friedman, the NJ State Police Chaplain told YWN that there were 370 NJ State Troopers on the “Syium Detail”, working the nearby exits, directing traffic, as well as securing the actual stadium. This does not include the FBI, DHS, local police and may other law enforcement agencies.

In fact, the NJ State Police Superintendent and other top brass themselves came to the Siyum HaShas to witness the historic event. NJ Governor Phil Murphy also attended the SIyum, with 93,000 people giving him an incredible standing ovation and round of applause.

At both MetLife in NJ and Barclay’s in NY, tens of thousands walked through security in an orderly fashion, and said please and thank you to law enforcement – as well as wishing them a Happy New Years, as they worked on New Year’s morning.

In Brooklyn, NYPD Deputy Chief of Patrol Brooklyn South Charles Scholl told YWN that he never saw such an orderly crowd before, with everyone gracious for the intense security.

NYPD Deputy Chief of Patrol Brooklyn South Charles Scholl, Lieutenant Yitzy Jablon escorting Hagon HaRav Elya Brudny into the Barclay’s Center on Wednesday.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “NJ Governor Phil Murphy also attended the SIyum, with 93,000 people giving him an incredible standing ovation and round of applause.”

    WOW, I had to look at the web page to see if I was looking at YWN or if I was checking CNN or msLSD because this is 100% FAKENEWS!

    I was there in the 220s and I assure you he did not receive an incredible standing ovation as you say. In fact, most people were sitting, and many people politely clapped DESPITE his dragging our society into the toilet.

    A big deal was made a few weeks ago about how the president may be there. While I didn’t think that was true then oh, I was hoping there would be something on video considering the president’s apparent feeling toward yiddin. I GUARANTEE you, the president would have received a rousing ovation.

    Finally, let’s get off this 93,000 people story because that’s also FakeNews. Anyone who was there, was able to see a lot of empty seats. Based on my experience in large buildings like this oh, I would think they were almost 10,000 empty seats in the seating bowl. I understand many of the suites were taken but 93000 is way too much.

  2. Jersey Jew, calm down. There very well could’ve been 93,000 at the stadium had people not changed there tickets for barclays at the last minute. THAT’S the impressive part

  3. Sometimes we are afraid of people who appear similar to Nazis. I heard comments they looked like Nazis, their uniform (though different color) and boots for example.
    We should be aware of our fears so we are able to be thankful for blessings.

  4. I am from Jersey and I believe the story because in NJ there is a system where people honor each other, let you get out of your driveway, smile at you, and acknowledge you. Not only do I believe the story I am also incredibly inclined to now send a letter of thanks to the NJ state troopers. Also I am inspired to get serious about doing a page a day!

  5. Rabbi Paysach Krohn told the story and even told the fellows name. That means he verified the story unless the guy is lying. So there, nice story.