MORE HATE: Three More Incidents In Crown Heights, One More In Flatbush


There were additional anti-Semitic incidents in Crown Heights and Flatbush over Shabbos and Sunday morning. Three in Crown Heights and one in Flatbush.

The following are what took place:

INCIDENT 1: On Shabbos afternoon at around 2:00PM in Crown Heights, a black man walked down New York Ave near Carroll Street and began screaming “Hitler did not kill enough of you in the gas chambers”.

INCIDENT 2: reports that the same black male suspect got into a verbal altercation with a Jewish man on President Street after demanding the Jewish man move aside for him. As the altercation heated up and the Jew refused to back down, the man allegedly pulled out a knife and threatened the victim.

INCIDENT 3: On Motzei Shabbos at around 10:00PM, a black man on a bike began hurling anti-Semitic slurs at Jews walking on Lamont Ct between Empire Blvd and Lefferts Ave. Crown Heights Shomrim canvassed the area, but the suspect had already fled.

INCIDENT 4 (FLATBUSH): A woman in a vehicle began taking photos of Rabbi Reisman’s SHul on Avenue S and East 22nd Street on Sunday morning. Two Jewish men were watching her from the sidewalk, when she made the “Heil Hitler” sign to them. She then opened her window and shouted some choice words at them.

On Motzei Shabbos YWN reported about two other incidents, one in Far Rockaway, Queens, where a black man spit in the face of a Jewish woman and yelled anti-Semitic slurs at her outside a yeshiva, and another incident in Flatbush, where 3 black teens threatened to punch a Kosher store manager in the face and yelled anti-Semitic slurs at him.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Thanks go to de Blasio & to all Democrats…including the Jews. What will it take for any of you, including an ineffectual police department, to actually do something? Another murder?

  2. Disbelief. How could any of this be true when the mayor ordered NYPD to put up lights in several neighborhoods and to have police cars circulating or parked near shuls? I guess the logic of trying to prevent such crimes is faulty. So I suggest an alternative approach. How about enabling Jews to respond to these attacks, and to empower law enforcement to insure that perpetrators pay a heavy price for these crimes? I doubt that the current mayor would acknowledge any value in this, and will continue to provide the charade that he has done so far.

    I say, make sure that we are armed, and vote Republican.

  3. To Jeff Stuart: Well, I’d say you are. Are there any conclusions you would like to jump to regarding, say, Jeffrey Epstein, Michael Cohen or Bernie Madoff?