KUMZITS IN THE AIRPORT: Flight With Jews Makes Emergency Landing In Iceland Due To Unruly Passenger [VIDEO]


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A LOT Airlines flight from Warsaw to NY was forced to make an emergency landing on Sunday night.

One of the approximately 50 Jewish passengers on the flights told YWN that a severely intoxicated passenger caused a major disturbance on the flight, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing in Iceland.

For reasons unknown, the flight is unable to take off at this time, and the passengers are being put up in a local hotel for the night.

Meanwhile, a group of passengers made a Kumzits while waiting in the airport.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This is not an emergency landing. This was an unscheduled landing. Big difference. EMERGENCY landings are used for EMERGENCIES. This BH was NOT an emergency.

  2. For reasons unknown Not hard to figure out:- It would exceed their maximum # of hrs they are permitted, under penalty of law, to work before being mandated to have a brake.
    Needless to say, this intoxicated passenger, must be compelled to pay back every single penny of expenses incurred by LOT Airlines, as well as by every single passenger, even his/her entire wages have to be garnished for the rest of his/her life, and even if s/he has to sell his/her house and all his/her belongings.

  3. Is this kumzitz really necessary? Is it wise to bring attention to ourselves in such a public venue, especially in these troubling times?

  4. They should have invited Rav Feldman, the Chabad shalicach in Reykjavik out to the airport, if he wasn’t already notified. We met him several months ago on a hiking trip to Iceland. He loves meeting with yidden and its gets a bit slow this time of year for him and the rebbitzen since there aren’t too many tourists with only 5-6 hours/day of sunlight.

  5. Basesther: Really silly comment that plays on stereotypes (which yidden especially need to be careful of). Lot has not had a serious accident in over 25 years and they have replaced almost all of their Soviet era Russian aircraft with modern Boeing equipment. Are you aware of any incidents where a Lot pilot was found to have been on duty while intoxicated? Certainly no such incidents on flights to and from the U.S.