A KIDDUSH HASHEM LEVAYA: See How The Sanzer Rebbe Made The Levaya Of His Mother


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The Levaya of the Klausenberger Rebbitzen was held on Monday in Netanya, Eretz Yisroel. Due to the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic which has already taken the lives of around dozens and dozens of Yidden around the globe, the Sanzer Rebbe enforced the social distaning rules for the Levaya.

Normally, this Levaya would of had thousands of people attending, but the Rebbe only allowed his sons to attend, and everyone else to listen on phone-hookup.

See the attached video and photos of the Levaya and Kevura.

Meanwhile, various Levayos in NY are turning into national headlines. Naturally, when YWN published one of the articles showing how the NYPD attempted to shut down one of those Levayos, YWN was accused of being self-hating Jews and publishing “hate”. A campaign titled “YWN Stop the hate on Jewish brothers” was launched on social media.

As usual, the way certain segments of our community respond to their own despicable actions, they cast blame on others, while refusing to accept responsibility and take action – in this case preventing more death.

Multiple death threats have been called into the YWN office and thankfully all recorded – and the NYPD, NY State Police and the FBI have all been notified. Multiple addresses in Williamsburg and Boro Park where calls originated from are being investigated. 

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. terrible people. Not only make they rishes also antimitismen.
    The mainthing is a beard and and giving other peobpe eizes how to behalf.
    But the may do everything.They dont belive anything even not in Dineh demalchuscho dineh

  2. BDE

    This was a true Kiddush Hashem. Aside of the Rebbe’s children his trusted gabbai R. Avrohom Deutsch can be seen as well both in Kiriyat Sanz and the Beis Olam.

  3. Please continue to update your readers with the names, phone numbers and pictures of the rodfim who do not care about Klal Yisroel. Additional information about how many unmarried children they have and the area they live in would also be useful. That way we will know who to give an immediate NO to if a shidduch is suggested.

  4. YWN is a complete an utter joke of a website fully agenda driven they all hide behind their little laptops in North side Lakewood and have the chutzpa to publish the names and pictures of people that disagree with their agenda driven fake news in full disclure i will say that my name is Moshe Friedman. Its time to look elsewhere for our news #stopthehate shame on you YWN

    Moderators Note: Liar. Your name is Shrage Adelman.

  5. I am extremely critical of YWN, and their validity as a “news” source, but in this case, they are a million percent correct. The sheer numbers of frum people dying from this virus are astounding. People are in lockdown and quarantine, and the government has been very polite in requesting that people stay home and practice “social distancing”. If people do not follow the government’s request, then they are going to be responsible for EVERY SINGLE DEATH that occurs, whether they are there or not. Additionally, G-d forbid this country’s government decides to declare martial law, or calls in the National Guard to enforce “stay at home”, because then people will die both from the virus, and from their own stupidity.
    BUT, are people following these requests? No, they are going out in SPITE of rabonnim, doctors, and the US government asking them, and in some cases, telling them to stay at home. SO, frankly, if an individual does something L’Hachis after being told not to, they SHOULD be arrested and thrown in jail. And, if someone does the stupid thing and attends a funeral, they are not giving Kavod to the Mes.. quite the contrary.

  6. Shame on ywn, just yesterday you happily advertised in a news item details of the levaya of a rebbe in BP and now you’re calling out those who attended it. The word hypocrite is not strong enough!

  7. I guess the dimwits who read YWN think that giving kovod to the meis by announcing publicly where the levoya will leave from is the equivalent of an invitation to attend which cannot be refused. There is no hypocrisy here, just a finely drawn line.

    Maybe YWN took down the pictures and list of rodfim and their telephone numbers on legal advice or a request from the FBI and Police. If neither of those is the case, please put the list back up. A polite call to all the numbers “I am calling to ask you not to call out YWN for trying to protect our community and save lives” will do just fine, no threats or shouting. If the person who answeres denies any knowledge of what you are talking about, ask where to send the list of numbers published by YWN. I am sure that like me, many readers have screenshots of all the published numbers as well as the pictures.

    I think the NYPD got it just right in trying to disperse those who attended the levoya in Boro Park. Just sit in your cars NYPD members trying to save lives, and turn on your sirens until the idiots disperse. The funeral will proceed quite quickly without the speeches!

  8. Self-hating Jews are those who prioritize PR over human life.

    Thank you YWN for standing up and saving lives! Thank you for calling out those who recklessly endanger the elders of our community.

    If we do not stop this tide of reckless endangerment trust me the national media will pick it up.