WATCH IT: Cuomo Says Shuls Can Open For Shavuos With 15 People And Social Distancing

In this April 24, 2020 photo provided by the Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, Gov. Cuomo addresses the media while holding an n95 mask during his daily press briefing on COVID-19, Coronavirus, at the State Capitol in Albany, N.Y. The mask was sent to the governor by a retired farmer from Kansas whose wife only has one lung. (Darren McGee/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP)

NY Governor Cuomo says that Shuls can possibly be open for Shavuos, but lots of rules will likely be put into place.

Cumno made the announcement at Sunday’s press conference when asked if Jews will allowed to be in Shul on Yom Tov.

Cuomo responded that gatherings of 15 people with social distancing and “safeguards” will likely be permitted.

“We will have guidance on Monday or by Tuesday”, Cuomo added.

These rules will be put in place for all Memorial Day gatherings as well.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. He said upstate not downstate.

    He said he would consider options on how to allow it to happen and will announce something.
    The headline is horribly misleading. I pray it doesn’t lead to a chilul hashem. Please people be smart and social distance and wear masks.
    Keep turning this is into a kiddush hashem. Keep donating plasma. Keep following guidelines.

  2. This is a very misleading headline. He did NOT say shuls can open, he said they are trying to come up with a way to make it work in a safe way, the same way they are trying to open things for Memorial Day in a safe way.

  3. Do those sitting in the ezras nashim count towards the 15 person limit? I doubt the honorable governor has decided to give his political plumba to varbeshe minyanim. If six women show up for the davening early (to escape the kids for the first time in 2 months) do the gabboim ask one to leave so the tenth guy showing up to make the minyan can enter the building?

  4. I’m really really confused. I know of many Shuls which are open and have social distancing and are under 50% capacity. They claim to be operating within the law and everything I read supports that. Many others are closed and claim they can’t be currently open. Then Cuomo says this. Can someone explain the current law in NY?

  5. This fool is proving his ignorance to the entire state. Shuls come in all sizes. The smaller shuls can barely fit a small crowd without social distancing. large ones can handle much greater numbers with adequate social distancing. The idea of such blanket dictates speaks quite poorly for the gov’s intellect. Hopefully, by Tuesday, he will accept some guidance so he can say something remotely intelligent.

  6. Bs”d If you listen carefully to the clip, you will see that the questioner was referring to UPSTATE shuls in places such as Monticello, NOT everywhere in NY State.

  7. Can we all see and admit to ourselves this is all about control and nothing else?

    Why does a big shul need to limit itself to only 15 people if they can do “social distancing” even if they have 100 people in the shul? The answer is… CONTROL.

    This is manure and the sooner people see it for that, the better it will be.

  8. this Cuomo is nothing but a little power mad wanna be dictator,who thinks that only he has the right to tell us ,when it’s ok to go to the barber ok to go to shull or ok to go back to work,
    there is only one reason these filthy leftist DemonRat America hating bolshevik swines want to keep the economy closed,they want to destroy our economy and the same time our capitalistic system which they so hate,and the same time make sure that Trump is not reelected .
    Hope and pray the American people will realize what a danger these monsters are,and vomit them out in the coming elections

  9. Dems love the lock-down: It’s the ultimate tool to keep the people poor and subservient to an all-powerful government.

  10. Does an semi-outdoors mincha minyan at a NYS Thruway rest stop while traveling to an otherwise prohibited stay at a bungalow colony in a undisclosed location come under the new restrictions??

  11. GH: so let me understand, now you people claim that a person going to his own summer house is also prohibited? Is there no limit at all? How about his year round house? Is a person allowed there or also no?