Camp In Woodbourne Reportedly Receives Permit To Open This Summer

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As the Jewish community awaits with anticipation on a decision if Upstate NY summer camps will be permitted to open this coming summer, at least one camp has reportedly received the green light.

Camp Oraysa, located on Todd Road in Woodbourne, NY, sent an email to the parent body of the camp stating that they have been given a permit from the Health Department.

YWN was unable to confirm if any other camps received a permit as well.

The letter sent to the parents is attached below:

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Strange. The ultimate decision on summer camp openings this summer were originally supposed to be made by the State on a regional basis with detailed guidelines. Why would they authorize a single camp to open? Also, would they reject campers who could not “pass” the antibody test, whatever that means. Perhaps they meant (or should have) said that subject to state approval, our local health department approved our opening. Will be interesting to see if this story is accurate.

  2. Even if this is 100% accurate, I don’t think info like this should be publicly posted, when N.Y. state hasn’t made a decision about camps opening up yet. I don’t think it can lead to anything good.

  3. A follow-up story in the YWN news section this AM explains a bit more on the significance of antibody tests. First, they are not yet definitive as to accuracy and many that were allowed on the market under the original authorization have now been withdrawn. Good news is the article says the Woodburne camp will be using one of the better tests and they should insist that ALL campers use that test given the problems with the others. Second issue is the continuing uncertainty as to whether the presence of antibodies translates into “immunity”, whether you can still be a carrier and infect others, etc. Even if the camps are allowed by the State to open, those with an elderly or immune compromised family member at home may want to consider not sending the kids to camp this summer and wait for a vaccine hopefully later this year.

  4. This is not a kids’ sleep-away camp! The yeshiva sent out a correction – it’s for adult bachurim only, 18 years old and up.
    So it’s a different ballgame.