Social Media Sows Fear In Flatbush Community – There Are NO “Protests On Avenue J”


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YWN has been inundated the past few hours from Flatbush / Midwood residents with messages inquiring about protests in the community. They are all false and sowing unnecessary fear and panic in the community.

Some messages told of protests on Avenue J in Flatbush and that Jewish-owned show stores were being looted and set on fire.

These are all fake news and 100% false.

First off, Flatbush Shomrim has increased their patrols, and have volunteers driving throughout the neighborhood 24 hours a day until this violence subsides. If you see anything suspicious or are concerned about anything, please call 911 and the Flatbush Shomrim hotline at 718-338-9797.

YWN spoke with NYPD Inspector David Wall, the Commanding Officer of the 70th Precinct who says that although there were some protests nearby last night, none of them affected the Jewish community and were contained to one area.

Additionally, YWN spoke with NYPD Brooklyn South Deputy Chief Charles Scholl who says that there are no reports of any protests in Midwood, and that the community should remain calm but vigilant and call 911 and report anything immediately.

Although the NYPD is expecting protests in Brooklyn tonight, there are no indications that any of them will be held in the Midwood area.

Finally, YWN suggests that people get their news from a reliable news source and not forward unverified and 100% false WhatsApp messages. You can join a YWN WhatsApp group by clicking here. 

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)