WATCH THIS: NY Governor & Health Commissioner Explain Why Camps Are Closed This Summer


Overnight camps will not be allowed for the summer of 2020, Cuomo announced Saturday at his Third Avenue office in Manhattan. While children’s day camps have gotten the go-ahead, overnight camps will not be permitted this summer because they have been deemed to be at a higher risk of spreading the virus, said state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker, M.D.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the state has made decisions “based on science and facts,” Dr. Zucker said.

“The facts are that this is a congregate setting,” Zucker said. “There are many children together in a bunk, sleeping together. They are eating in the same common area, they are sharing a bathroom, so social distancing is just not possible. So the virus will get into one of these camps and it will spread.”


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. He’s full of it !! This has nothing to do with worrying about kids health ! ITS ALL ABOUT POLITICS ! Not even one child was hospitalized with Covid -19!

  2. Jews don’t count anymore in New York. The Democrat pushers in Boro Park, Flatbush and williamsburg need to wake up and smell the coffee. Jews are being outnumbered by other groups and pleasing them counts more. Money for Jewish interests will be at risk because of this situation.

  3. Did he also advice Couno to send the sick COVID-19 patients back to the nursing homes?

    Did they take into account the damage they will do to the children?

  4. Go to Pennsylvania.

    There are many camps in Pennsylvania that will be closed and their sites are available to rent for the summer. Camps are legal there, so just rent one of these sites and move your camp there this year.

  5. Note that the “epidemic” was largely in New York City, not upstate. And that children rarely became sick. And that since camps have a restricted population, they can check everyone coming to the camp.

  6. Decisions need to be made based on facts on not feer mongering. Enough is enough .We need to open our camps and ignore the Governors orders and lets go to court

  7. This is outrageous. I do not see one person of color, not one African American in your picture. If the Jewish Community is not prepared to be inclusive and learn the lessons of the past few weeks, what right does it have to expect the health authorities to allow its segregated apartheid camps to open?

  8. prediction. this will go on till November. he wants to get trump out of office. on the contrary the more he does these shtick the more people resent it. this virus is long gone stop playing games with new yorkers, we’re sick and tired of him playing on peoples fears.