TRAGEDY STRIKES NEW SQUARE: Father-In-Law And Son-In-Law R”L Killed In Crash, Other Family Members Critical

Photo by Motty Green

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Tragedy struck the New Square Kehilla on Monday, after the passing of two family members traveling in the same vehicle.

Sources tell YWN that two families were in a van heading to a family wedding in NYC, when they were involved in a serious crash just outside of New Square.

It happened just before 4:30PM on Route 45 & New Hempstead Road near Freidwald Center.

Hatzolah Paramedics arriving on the scene found numerous occupants heavily entrapped in the vehicle, and immediately requested the fire department for extrication.

At least 10 victims were transported to various hospitals – including Westchester and Nyack – some of them in critical condition.

Two victims, R’ Aryeh Shmuel Deutsch Z”L, and his son in law, R’ Shlomo Birnhak Z”L were both Niftar at the hospital after suffering massive injuries. Sources tell YWN that it took nearly 45 minutes to extricate both of them from the vehicle.


The wife of one of the deceased remains unresponsive and in critical condition. Multiple victims suffered femur fractures, and numerous victims were rushed into emergency surgeries.

Please say Tehillim for Devorah Yehudis bas Esther, and her mother, Esther bas Rivkah.

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  1. 147, the problem seems to be on T-Mobile’s end. For the other carriers, it’s only calls to T-Mobile numbers that are failing.

  2. They should all have a refuah shelemah quickly and nechomo for the affected families.
    Vans of this type tend to often get in accidents when loaded with people. Many insurers have specially excluded these vans as not to be insured when loaded or overloaded with people. The weight distribution changes when it is loaded with people and can also exceed the planned weight being carried. having space does not mean the van was designed to carry the weight. Sadly, similar incidents have happened with School sport teams and people that are driven to their Sunday activity.

  3. This is a one-vehicle crash. We will not know the cause of the crash until the police perform an investigation. In the meantime, everyone should remember that cars, vans, and other motor vehicles are dangerous instrumentalities that should be operation with the utmost care and within the law, including speed limits. Too many people take a very casual attitude toward driving safely, and unfortunately, the result is too often tragic.

  4. The van was obviously a car service vehicle driven by a Haitian (based on his name) driver. The majority of the car service drivers in Monsey and the surrounding area are Haitian. They seem to get along just great with the Chassidishe oilem that are the main consumers for this service. Why should he intentionally drive into a tree? He could’ve easily been killed, himself. They were apparently headed for the Palisades exit/entrance 11 nearby. It was just the start of the trip to the city and full daylight, as well. Driver tiredness could not have been a factor.

  5. The crash took place when a 2009 Ford Econoline van, driven by Jean Tondreau, a 69-year-old resident from Hillcrest, left the roadway and struck a tree, police said.