WATCH: NYC Descends Into “Warzone” With Fireworks Rocking City As NYPD Does Nothing


New Yorkers are having a hard time sleeping at night as the out-of-control fireworks are being shot off until 3-4 in the morning – with the NYPD doing absolutely nothing.

In an audio clip from an NYPD Radio you can hear the following:

NYPD RADIO DISPATCHER: “Female caller states she is uncomfortable walking home, states it is a WARZONE. A combination of fireworks and gunshots”.


NYOPD RADIO DISPATCHER: “Tell me about it”.

Viral videos on social media show the fireworks going off at all hours of the night, with the NYPD doing absolutely nothing. In one video, police cars drive past a group of thugs who were shooting fireworks aimed at the patrol car.

In another video, the actual footage is taken by an officer from inside the car, with the officers doing nothing whatsoever.

Sources tell YWN that officers are no longer interested in risking their lives, if they will likely end up getting fired by Socialist NYC Mayor DeBlasio who wants to “defund the police”.

Meanwhile, the calls are getting louder for the city to respond to a skyrocketing number of complaints about illegal fireworks.

Brooklyn Boro President Eric Adams and Councilman Robert Cornegy want the City to deploy additional resources to crackdown on the nightly display. On Sunday afternoon, the pair will ask the City to use Cure Violence groups to respond to fireworks complaints. Law enforcement, they say, must investigate the source of the fireworks.

Since the beginning of June, the city received more than 1,700 complaints to 311 about illegal fireworks.

That’s more than 80 times the total number of complaint over the same period in 2019.

Most of the complaints have been in Brooklyn.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “Sources tell YWN that officers are no longer interested in risking their lives, if they will likely end up getting fired by Socialist NYC Mayor DeBlasio who wants to “defund the police”.

    So then these coward cops should resign. Why should WE the taxpayers continue to pay their salary? If they no longer feel safe or they no longer enjoy their job, let them quit and forfeit their outrageous pension and benefits package. There is more to policing than giving Orthodox Jews parking tickets. No one is “forcing” them to be police officers. If you or me refuse to do our job, we get fired. Why are these donut eaters above the law?

  2. Yes keep voting for the criminal traitorous America hating communist DemonRats,because they promise you more foodstamps and welfare

  3. Hey, “Not getting involved”, when the police did get involved didn’t you yell: “Go back to Germany”? Was it you, or some other Boro Parker? You got what you asked for.

  4. Not getting involved…..COOL IT
    not getting involved does not mean they are not doing their job…Every officers life in NY or anywhere in the country is
    now at risk, either being fired, or arrested for doing their job. I am not talking about Eric Garner or George Floyd , its the ones who attack our officers and they get shot at like in Atlanta and the officer gets arrested for Murder?
    This non sense has to Stop or we back to the 1960s with 3200 murders a year.

  5. NGI – The police have been thrown under the bus and abandoned by those who should appreciate what they contribute even if it is not perfect. Two weeks ago they were “not coward cops.” They put their lives on the line every day. Give at least some Hakoros Hatov.

  6. Why should they resign? Why should they give up the pensions and benefits and the livelihood that they were promised? The risk you’re demanding they take now was NOT part of the package when they signed up. They signed up for a moderately dangerous job, in which the bad guys would be shooting for them but they could defend themselves, and they could depend on the support of their colleagues, of the department, and of the city administration. That’s no longer the case; they’re now exposed not only to the risk from the bad guys but also from the department and the city. Their hands are tied. They cannot defend themselves without thinking three times, and without worrying about criminal charges. They can’t arrest anyone without worrying that the department will abandon them to the wolves. They can’t even rely on the thought that if they are killed the department will hunt down the murderers with a vengeance. That is a fundamental and unilateral change in the terms of their employment and I don’t see one reason why they should put up with it. תבן אין ניתן לעבדיך ולבנים אומרים לנו עשו.

  7. It’s a quality of life issue. Let them call in the social workers and the crisis managers.

    At least that is what the mayor and council are saying. It’s nonsense of course. This is a crime and it’s the job of the police to take care of it. But the city is now telling them not to, so why should they? They don’t work for the taxpayers. They work for the city. It’s the city, not the taxpayers, that signs their checks. Where the city gets its money is not their problem.

  8. Tyere Yidden:

    The problem is not NYPD. We may have our issues with them, but the police force in general is comparatively good to us. The problem is the Mayor, who has a terrible relationship with NYPD, and he bullies them all the time while siding with frank criminality. And our askanim are still pushing us to vote for Democrats, many who espouse values that make some our greatest enemies in history look like tzaddikim. I encourage the work stoppage by police, just that I wish the victims that fail to get help be the mayor and the goons who follow his direction. Hizhonor has been one of the greatest disgraces to the history of NYC. The sooner he gets out of office, the better a chance we have of reversing the damage he has done.

  9. Of course they’re gonna sit there getting paid to not do their jobs. NYPDs “finest.” Doesn’t matter how much your life is at risk and how no one likes you. Do your job. If you do the right thing and shoot the right people you won’t get fired from De Blasio, even though he sucks.

  10. ” There is more to policing than giving Orthodox Jews parking tickets”
    Are you serious. They spend weeks at the police academy learning about z’man shabbos, the yom tovim etc. so they know when to pounce and start ticketing illegally parked cars in frum neighborhoods? Why would they risk their lives on confronting those shooting illegal fireworks when they instead can risk their lives ticketing empty vehicles in Flatbush, Willy, CH and BP.
    Not Getting Involved” Your mindless rant about NYC cops notwithstanding, the vast majority of NYC cops do an incredible job under very difficult conditions, including being asked to address homelessness, drug-abuse, domestic disputes, etc. which they really aren’t trained to handle.

  11. with the NYPD doing absolutely nothing. It is important to comprehend that the police are too busy expelling mothers & children from playgrounds in Williamsburg, and doing choke holds, and of-course numerous cops at Columbus Circle encircling & protecting an inanimate statue.

  12. I’d really like to know who’s supplying the fireworks. They are NOT cheap. Those guys in the projects are shooting off major stuff. Roman candles? That kind of thing New Yorkers usually drive to Pennsylvania for. I wonder who is driving there and coming back and distributing them? It appears organized, the same way that bricks “happened” to be left on street corners at the end of May. I am very suspicious.

  13. Not getting involved should probably just not get involved. Not very sensible what you posted. Police should do exactly that until a more normal government or leadership is in place and will have their back.

  14. You voted for liberal democRATs you need to hear firecrackers. Maybe we should shoot off firecrackers early morning when these bums are asleep.

  15. Some commenting blame the police. Naive. The kodesh shebakodesh has now been taken from the heichal of Bama Park…..The getchka of exile thrown into the street. It is only a matter of time that things get worse for us. Time to contact nefesh b nefesh and consider the unfathomable……The unthinkable……Smart Jews have already packed their bags long ago

  16. I think everyone should kneel down and ask forgiveness from the fireworks-shooters for suppressing then all these years. How can you blame the police or say they should resign when the insane mayor and many other politicians have acceded to mob pressure and no longer support the police in doing their job?

  17. > Not getting involved

    > “Why should WE the taxpayers continue to pay their salary?”

    Because you didn’t fire them. You think they are not doing their jobs, then fire them. The problem is, they are doing their jobs according to the definition of what their jobs entail according to their “boss” the mayor. So if you think the mayor is using the wrong definition for the job of the police, then fire the mayor (either in the next election – or in New York one could “submit an application for removal to the local branch of the appellate division of the supreme court”).

  18. “Those guys in the projects are shooting off major stuff.”

    This is happening in Midwood, Marine Park on a nightly basis. Stop trying to blame black people in the projects for everything. I’m sure there are frum kids shooting these off too.

  19. bk613
    who needs anti-semites when we have some of our own publicly bashing frum kids for all the world to see. how about thinking for a minute before you post, thank you.

  20. @out of towner
    Get a grip. I didn’t publicly bash frum kids. I simply pointed out that it is likely that some of the fireworks being launched in the frum neighborhoods are done by frum kids. Automatically jumping to the conclusion that the fireworks are coming from “Those guys in the projects” is a racially tinged at best.
    Why do you think criticizing frum kids is akin to anti-semitism. How about thinking for a minute before you post, thank you.

  21. the governments are afraid of the blacks, so they let them get away with lawless behavior which is totally stupid. Since ignoring lawlessness only encourages people to violate the law. Better to enforce the law equally so white lives matter too instead of allowing the current lawlessness….